Wakweli Inked New Partnership with Blockchain Lawyers Group for Web3 Certification

The partnership between Wakweli and the Blockchain Lawyers Group will offer a number of notable advantages that include but are not limited to boosting the liquidity of the entire Wakweli ecosystem.

Wakweli, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) certification protocol, has announced its latest partnership with the Blockchain Lawyers Group (BLG) as it seeks to establish its outfit as one of the most legitimate for certifying tokenized assets. As contained in the Press Release shared with Coinspeaker, Wakweli said the collaboration aims to enhance the evolving Web3 legal expertise and enable deeper protocol refinements for the Proof of Democracy (PoD) consensus algorithm it is introducing.

Wakweli is occupying a very unique offshoot of the blockchain ecosystem as it concerns digital collectibles. Designed to issue NFT Certificates that can be verified through its Proof of Democracy model. Wakweli hopes to solve the inherent challenge of authentication in the blockchain ecosystem that can also be transferred to the broader blockchain ecosystem.

With the partnership with the BLG, members of the group will help in participating in the first validation of the very first certificates and assist in strengthening the whole process. The lawyers in the BLG have varying and deep experiences in blockchain-related litigation. Their pedigree and experience will go a long way in certifying the legitimacy of NFT certificates which are churned out by Wakweli.

“We are excited to partner with such an innovative company as Wakweli, which is trying to solve a preeminent issue in the NFT space. We are confident that our collaboration will bring new levels of innovation and user-friendliness to the market,” said Blockchain Lawyers Group Founder and Member Miguel Dinis Lucas in a statement.

The partnership between Wakweli and the Blockchain Lawyers Group will also offer a number of notable advantages. These advantages include but are not limited to boosting the liquidity of the entire Wakweli ecosystem.

Wakweli and Its Steady Growth Pace

The development of Wakweli has spanned many months followed by very well-diversified product testing.  As Coinspeaker reported, in a bid to advance its technology to more users, earlier Wakweli landed Polygon as its strategic partner.

The Polygon partnership was inked so that Wakweli can extend its NFT certification to decentralized applications hosted on the layer-2 blockchain network.

Commenting on the Polygon partnership, Antoine Sarraute, Wakweli founder said the protocol was primarily “built Wakweli to create a safer web3 space across all chains, and today we are thrilled to collaborate with Polygon. This will enable Wakweli’s certification power to all Polygon users and unlock a definitive way to fight scam attempts, creating more trust in this thriving ecosystem”.

The project has secured funding from some of the biggest names in the industry and with the $1.1 million funding it has secured to date, it aims to stay steadfast in its goal of building one of the most reliable and functionally Web 3.0 infrastructures in the industry today.

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