Vitalik Buterin Donates to Relief Earthquake Efforts in Turkey and Syria Twice

As of now, the NGO has been able to gather $4.3 million in crypto donations with stablecoins being the most preferred token choice.

Vitalik Buterin, the famous Ethereum co-founder, has donated twice following the catastrophic earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria last week.

The Turkey-Syria 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on February sixth, exponentially increasing the death toll to thirty-three thousand. The earthquake has been recorded as one of the world’s worst earthquakes in decades. In the past week, Buterin has been actively donating Ethereum to offer earthquake relief to people in Turkey. His most recent donation was on February twelfth, when he gave away approximately $77,000 (50 ETH) to Anka Relief.

The organization thanked the Ethereum co-founder for his philanthropic actions and revealed that crypto donations have been offered to them since day one. According to a statement, a handful of major NGOs accepted donations in their wallets from several people across the globe.

Anka also provided a list of crypto wallets that can be named for donations. The Web3 relief support organization has also led the Ukraine DAO undertaking to raise crypto donations to offer relief and support in the troubled country.

The most recent donation by Vitalik has resulted in a total of ninety-nine ETH  offered in support of the bereaved families and victims by the crypto magnate. On February eleventh, vitalik.eth address sent approximately $150,000 worth of ETH to Ahbap, a non-governmental and nonprofit association committed to relief measures in Turkey.

Ahbap has also listed several crypto addresses for tokens that can be accepted in donations.

As of now, the NGO has been able to gather $4.3 Million in crypto donations with stablecoins being the most preferred token choice. The Ahbap wallet presently possesses 409 ETH worth $622,000. Last week, London’s Financial Times noted that crypto donations had been reaching relief organizations from around the world. More than ten million in crypto have been offered by firms with Binance solely donating $5 million to support Turkish relief efforts.

Binance also declared $100 in BNB airdrops to those in the most -affected areas. On Feb 7, immediately a day after the catastrophic earthquake, the Web3 community was seen working together to organize and offer crypto donations for NGOs. However, this is not the first time earthquake relief donations have been spearheaded by the crypto community. Bitcoin donations were sent in to support organizations in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of 2015.

Local Turkish crypto exchange Bitci dispatched an aid truck to the earthquake zone while declaring that all revenue collected for the entire month of February will be donated to Ahbap on behalf of the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake. Moreover, BtcTurk said that not only did it donate 6 million liras to Ahbap and Akut, but also sent 1.2 million liras worth of clothing aid to the zone in association with the regional administration.

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