TechNode community reviews China tech 2021 · TechNode

TechNode community reviews China tech 2021 · TechNode

Despite their various fields and interests, members of the TechNode community agree: The theme for China tech 2021 was regulations. 

Sometimes the regulations came in waves. Sometimes the rules were new, sometimes just newly enforced. There were so many rules that, like a chronic state of pandemic alertness, regulation fatigue set in by year’s end.

There were industry-rattling rules, like the bans on bitcoin mining and trading in May, soon followed by the data security review that forced Didi’s US delisting. And while we were still digesting that, there was the sweeping ban on the most profitable edtech services. Mostly, though, there were fines. Tech giants like Alibaba, Meituan, and Pinduoduo faced fines large (for anti-competitive practices) and small (for illegal information releases).  

Next came the drastic limits imposed on minors’ playing hours, which could gnaw into game-makers’ profits and dent the world’s…

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