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Get pleasure from an oriental concept while playing the Tiger Mahjong scratch game

If you love to try out different themes while playing online scratch card games then you will truly enjoy an Asian theme while playing the Tiger Mahjong scratch game. This ancient Chinese game has acquired a contemporary identity in the online version which will surely please you even as you attempt to win the huge 100,000 jackpot prize.

Tiger Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game played over centuries with the help of intricately painted rectangular tiles. The web based version in this colorful game has stayed true to the original theme by displaying these tiles in the form of scratch cards on your computer screen that need to be scratched to reveal the symbols behind it, which will indicate the exact amount that you have won. The cards are displayed in 3 rows or lines and 4 columns and you will have to select the range of lines which you wish to play before you can start playing this visually stunning game. Matching sound clips further enhance the oriental theme of this action-packed online scratch card game.

You should opt to participate in the exciting Tiger Mahjong scratch card game only at trusted websites including primescratchcards and scratch2cash where your personal data along with your money will remain completely safe at all times. A couple of clicks to register your name at such sites will allow you to open your account where attractive opening bonuses in addition to free online scratch cards will already be deposited for your benefit. Now you can start your brave foray in the Tiger Mahjong game and set your vision on thousands of exciting prizes including the fantastic 100,000 Pound jackpot.

The rules of this online scratch and win game is quite easy but if you do not comprehend them at first then you can begin with a few trial games before you actually put up any money. You simply need to scratch at 2 of the 4 scratch cards in each line and when you unearth similar symbols underneath the 2 tiles then you will be showered with wealth which will instantly be deposited in your account and displayed in the bottom of your screen. You will certainly return time after time to prime scratchcards and scratch 2 cash to experience this visually pleasing game that offers you a chance to become familiar with a little history whilst winning many prizes at the same time.     

Planning a trip to various scratch n win ticket stores to scratch on paper scratch out tickets will just seem like a monotonous chore as soon as you see the convenience provided by exciting online scratch games such as Tiger Mahjong. You can play this thrilling game from the comfort of your pc chair at any time of the day or night as well as get instant results as soon as you click on the scratch button. You can even avail of the Scratch All choice to instantly scratch all the tiles simultaneously and also use the Autoplay option if you want to further speed up the outcome of this enticing game even though you will certainly enjoy each move by opting to scratch each tile by yourself.

If you have enjoyed scratching on paper scratch & win tickets as well as played modern online scratch card games then you’ll certainly relish this refreshing change when you play Tiger Mahjong. The Chinese affect on this game has been brought out in an impressive manner and will certainly help you to enjoy an Asian theme while giving you a chance to win huge amounts of money at the Tiger Mahjong scratch game.

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