Virgin Money Launches Digital Wealth Platform with Leverage from Leading Financial Services Facilitator FNZ

Virgin Money has launched a digital platform that caters comprehensively to first-time and professional investors.  Virgin Money has launched a digital retail wealth management platform for traders through a joint venture partnership. The Virgin Group financial services brand partnered with British-based global investment platform Abrdn to grant investor access to various investment funds. Virgin Money also leverages … Read more

Alameda Research to Sell Sequoia Interest to Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund for $45M in Cash

FTX’s sister trading firm Alameda has agreed to sell its interest in Sequoia Capital to a UAE-based entity.  Alameda Research appears set to sell its interest in Sequoia Capital to Abu Dhabi for $45 million. According to a recent report, the FTX sister trading firm agreed to sell the Sequoia stake to the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund in … Read more

The Reddit Watch Exchange: A Wealth of Watches at Your Fingertips

The Reddit Watch Exchange is an online platform that allows watch enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade watches with each other. With a wide range of watches available, the Reddit Watch Exchange offers a great opportunity for watch collectors to find the perfect timepiece. The Reddit Watch Exchange is part of the Reddit community, which … Read more