Hardware Wallet Provider Trezor Sees 900% Jump in Sales amid Ledger Controversy

The controversy surrounding Ledger’s key-recovery service has boosted sales for its competitor Trezor. Besides, Trezor also addressed concerns over security and develops an auditable secure element through its sister company Tropic Square. The controversy surrounding Ledger’s recently released key-recovery service has ultimately benefitted hardware wallet competitor Trezor. Hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor recently reported a 900% … Read more

Coinbase Unveils New Wallet as a Service on Ethereum

WaaS (Wallet as a Service) reportedly employs cutting-edge multi-party computing (MPC) technology to safeguard the private keys of its users. Coinbase has announced that it released and launched a new Web3 wallet solution dubbed “Wallet as a Service” (WaaS) on the Ethereum mainnet. The new service, a version of the crypto firm’s cloud product, went … Read more

VardexPay Launches Highly Functional Wallet with Multiple Functionalities

The VardexPay wallet has lowered the barriers to entry for all users, and it gives a unique reward to users who can also deposit their funds to earn competitive rewards. Web 3.0 financial technology startup VardexPay is introducing its advanced crypto wallet as it seeks to make its mark in the emerging industry. The plan … Read more

Robinhood Adds ‘Connect’ Feature to Its Native Crypto Wallet

As part of its efforts to drive Web 3.0 adoption, Robinhood also announced some other new features. Robinhood has announced a new feature that permits users of its crypto wallet to access their funds from other decentralized finance (DeFi) apps and protocols. According to the update, users no longer have to open the Robinhood app itself … Read more

False Trigger about Mt. Gox Bitcoin Wallet Transfer Tanks BTC Price to $27,000 but It Recovers Fast

Arkham Intelligence issued a clarification that a bug caused to send the alerts regarding Mt. Gox and Us government selling Bitcoin. The BTC price recovered fast after the clarification. Over the last 48 hours, the Bitcoin price witnessed massive volatility sending jitters across the entire investor community. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the Bitcoin price … Read more