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Take Care When Buying Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

A great resource out there for anyone who collects antique rhinestone jewellery are online shops on line auctions, in  particular eBay.

Here I will focus on the almost unlimited variety on the largest of all the online auction houses, which is of course,  eBay.

You will find thousands of listings for jewellery and it is a very lucrative item both for individuals who sell and for  people who are looking to buy. The prices can be incredibly low as some sellers start their particular auctions at under $1.00, if you  are lucky enough to bid on these low starting price auctions, you can frequently be fortunate enough to end up getting a genuine  bargain.

If you are unfamiliar with shopping on eBay, go to eBay.com and simply click on the help column on the right side, then “help  topics” for excellent guidance and info.

You can browse, the Internet version of window shopping, whenever the time suits you. If you’re searching for retro jewellery,  and you enter “antique jewelry” in the search box, you will see that there are thousands of listings.

You can narrow the search down by entering the exact item you are interested in.

You can narrow it down even further if you’re interested in a particular designer, such as Sarah Coventry, Kramer or  Trifari.

Scroll through the selections and find out what exactly is available, and what the prices are. If you wish to bid on or buy a product, eBay  will take you step-by-step through the process.

Do make the extra effort whenever you are bidding on auction web sites, eBay tries very hard to help keep sellers honest. The process of shopping online is actually  very much the same as purchasing in the stores, be sure you understand Precisely what you will be bidding for,if you’re interested in a  particular item, check out the vendor’s feedback rating, and look at the feedback comments.

It is possible to ask the vendor a question about the item, and be sure to read the seller’s refund policy.

Some don’t accept returns if you are not satisfied with the product, but most do.

Since you are getting an item of rhinestone jewelry without personally examining it, you want to be sure you are getting exactly what  you are looking for.

Read up about the jewelry you are considering. Read rhinestone jewellery guides, Web articles, and of course, check  back on this site for more info on vintage rhinestone jewelry and antique rhinestone pins and brooches.