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Is it time to ditch your ventura personal trainer?

I’ve been guilt stricken lately. I never set out to take clients away from other personal trainers in ventura but thats exactly whats happended time and time again! I don’t chase them down and “turn them to the dark side” mind you, they seek me out or hear about me from a friend, their hair stylist or someone else who has seen great results in a short amount of time with me.

Being healthy, toned, lean and sexy takes time and effort-there is no doubt about it. However it should never take months and months to see signifacant results. If you have been following a diet, workout or paying a trainer bookoo bucks for more than 3 months and havnt seen big visable results its time to move on.


Now you may being thinking, “great guy, now stop bragging about how awesome you are and let us in on the big secret to getting your personal training clients toned and lean in record time!”


call it the trifecta of fitness, here it is:

  • Custom diet planning
  • progressive cardio strength training
  • accountability

The first component is of my superior method of training is taking baseline measurments with all my personal training cleints and talking with them about the foods they like and or are alergic to and creating a helathy diet plan that is sustainable for a lifetime.

Now comes what we do in the gym witch is what interests most people becasue all my clients-even those with a weight loss goal-lift weights and a lot of them. Why, building muscle burns more calories than cardio both during a workout and when at rest. Second toned shapely muscle looks great, not bulky, and most important is fast pased circuit style strength training produces faster results than anything else period.


Beleive it or not I have had current and ex personal trainer come to me to train them. Their reasoning for this is the third and most important aspect of the fitness trifecta-accountability. Both my trainer clients and regular joes and jane client hire me to show up when they other wise would blow the gym off and to push them harder in the gym than they would push themselves. Most valuable to my clients is the consistancy and ecouragment I give them to push their bodies harder through a workout than they ever thought possible. My ventura personal training clients tell me that if they didnt have an appointment with me they would workout half as much. This accountability is of the most importance in acheivning fitness goals.

So remember, custom diet tailored to you, fast pased circuit style weight training, and accountability from a top personal trainer is the way to leave the frustration of working your butt off in the gym and not seeing any results from all your hard work and time spent!