US Treasury Set for Debt Issuance Worth $1T Following President Biden’s Signing of Debt Ceiling Bill

Economists predict the US Treasury’s forthcoming debt issuance will hit $1 trillion and may eventually cause economic stiffness. US President Joe Biden’s assent and signing of the bill suspending the federal debt ceiling will trigger new debt issuance. Already, observers expect the Treasury Department to sell $1 trillion worth of debt. On Saturday, President Biden … Read more

US Treasury Yields Slide amid Anticipation for Congress Debt Ceiling Vote

The 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields dropped Tuesday as investors await the legislative voting outcome on the debt ceiling bill.   US Treasury yields slumped today ahead of a Congress on the federal government’s proposed debt ceiling bill. Treasury yields tumbled Tuesday as markets reopened, with investors bracing themselves for a lawmaker vote on the Biden administration’s 11th-hour … Read more

US Treasury Yield Falls amid Rate Hikes and Debt Ceiling Concerns

The ongoing negotiations surrounding the US debt ceiling have been a key focal point for investors as the June 1 deadline approaches. The United States Treasury bond market experienced a decline in yields on Friday as investors eagerly await the release of key inflation data and updates on debt ceiling negotiations. According to reports, the … Read more

US Treasury Yield Spikes as Investors Fear Recurring Banking Crisis

Amid the broader banking crisis, investors are still concerned about the next move of the government in terms of Federal Reserve policy. United States Treasury yields spiked earlier today after fluctuations experienced on Thursday. The yield on the 10-year Treasury went up by almost 5 basis points or 3.407% while that of the 2-year Treasury … Read more

Treasury Yields Climb amid Latest Investor Interest Rate Outlook Assessment

The 2-year and 10-year Treasury yields rose Tuesday as investors pondered the next Fed interest rate hikes.  Treasury yields recently climbed amid investor interest rate assessment ahead of pivotal inflation data. On Tuesday, investors and analysts weighed the outlook for Federal Reserve interest rate hikes following Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse. By 5 am Eastern Time, the 10-year … Read more