TikTok Joins Conversational AI Race, Now Trialing Tako In-App

Despite the future fears being nursed, TikTok said it is still building out the responses and feedbacks from the AI. TikTok, the short video content social media offshoot of Chinese technology firm ByteDance is reportedly conducting test trials for its in-app Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot named Tako. As reported by TechCrunch, the public became aware … Read more

ByteDance Pushes Lemon8 in US as TikTok Faces Possible Ban

Lemon8 growth in the US could also get the attention of US regulators, especially due to its relationship with ByteDance. Chinese tech giant and TikTok developer ByteDance is pushing another social media app, Lemon8, into the US market as TikTok faces a possible ban. The popular short video app is under pressure in the US due to … Read more

TikTok Boom Helps ByteDance Match Tencent’s $80B in Sales

ByteDance spectacular performance comes despite uncertain macro conditions and a major fall for tech companies in 2022. Last year in 2022, TikTok parent ByteDance reported a strong 30% surge in its revenue crossing $80 billion in sales and matching other tech giants like Tencent. ByteDance’s twin video platforms TikTok and Douyin witnessed a massive boom … Read more

TikTok Revenue from In-App Purchases Far Outweighs Its Top Rivals

TikTok generated more than $350 million from IAPs in the fourth quarter. With the global economy still straining companies around the world, many social media platforms like TikTok are generating such revenue that seems to be forming the basis for other players in the micro-messaging and social media world. According to a recent Forbes report, … Read more

US Senate Poised to Greenlight Bill Advocating for TikTok Ban

The US Congress is readying a votable bill to pave the way for a broader ban on TikTok to reduce Chinese control of US data. The US House Foreign Affairs Committee looks to implement legislation that could facilitate a nationwide TikTok ban. More than 100 million Americans currently use the popular Chinese social media app, … Read more