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Glamping:why is camping becoming so chic?

Is there genuinely any point in actually considering going camping if you’re going to be presented with far more comforts than you already have at home? No one should actually be going on a camping holiday and expecting luxurious furnishings and silk sheets, it really is as quick as that. The wonderful surroundings and the north face gear, granted, can not be argued but why are most people now booking camping trips and expecting a fridge to help keep their bottle of wine chilled while the roast cooks satisfactorily within the oven?! Whatever has happened to excellent old fashioned camping? 

It is now evident that luxury camping, otherwise called glamping, is rising in popularity even so should camping ever be associated with such up current market glamour? Camp fanatics around the world appreciate the rugged nature the holiday brings; which is actually why it comes as no surprise that so numerous view glamping as a cheap insult!

We’re all conscious that the camping holiday is actually a expense productive holiday for numerous and permits the option of remaining close to home; to not be an issue. Regrettably the problem lies in which “glampers” think they are contemplating environmental issues… while searching for a socket to plug in their electric fridge to chill the wine. Camping will need to encourage individuals to get back to nature and teaches most people to fend for themselves in difficult circumstances; on the other hand ‘glamping’ entirely contradicts this. Apart from the stunning, picturesque areas, camp by no means has and by no means should be deemed as a luxury holiday; ‘glamping’ absolutely defeats the object of camp altogether. 
Such high profile camping consultants like North Face, are renowned for providing premium quality luxury that embraces the rugged nature of the outdoors however, our developing celebrity culture seems to think that camping now has to be a fashionable culture; complete with Egyptian cotton bed sheet.

We are now making our way in to a generation just where by designer brands are starting to design and style specific ranges for camp , specifically;  retro and chic accessories which are now are in high demand. Sorry have we missed something; whatever happened to the north face sale? When did men and women begin to get a kick out of spending hundreds of pounds on “accessories” only to have them traipsed through lashings of mud? Countless should genuinely believe a camp trip is now an excuse to really feel as though they are on a shoot for a high end, style magazine. Camping is definitely not supposed to become luxurious! Camp is an opportunity to explore nature and be a part of a distinctive and awakening experience.  There is actually no point what so ever going camping and expecting to possess household luxuries, day-to-day essentials and hotel solutions at your beck and call. 

Camp must constantly remain the thrilling and exciting experience that is; filled with adventure and even the creepy crawlies; we say glamping needs to go back to where it came from, camping must permenantly stay  as all-natural as could be!