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Building Teamwork Skills For Kids Through Sports

Children generally have a natural affinity for sports. Playing a sport is fun, good exercise and can help a child build teamwork skills.

Some children enjoy participating in sports that are more singular in nature, such as tennis or skiing. Even so, there are some big advantages in participating in team sports, such as basketball, soccer, or baseball. Participating in team sports can teach some great character skills to children, such as cooperating and contributing as a part of a team. If you can get a child interested in at least one team sport while they are still fairly young, you can help them to avoid feeling awkward later in life when they want to join another team. There is less pressure on individual players when children are young, so it is a good way for them to learn to play a sport that they have never played before. The game can be much more fun since all of the kids are probably learning how to play at the same time and are at the same skill level.

Make Sports Something That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

As soon as your child begins to play on a sports team, make sure that you show him or her support. Your child will greatly appreciate your efforts if you can make it to as many practices or games as possible. Make a family activity out of going to the games if possible, since that will help your young sports team player develop a sense of pride in his or her abilities. Don’t forget to take plenty of photographs of the game. If you can find the space, a great idea is to frame some of the best photos and arrange them on a shelf or a wall in your house in family picture frames. Try to get a variety of shots, ranging from action photos, group team photos, and even some photos of other members of your family viewing and enjoying the game.

Preserving Family Memories

If you have more than one child participating in sports or if your child plays on a variety of teams, it will not be long before you have a large collection of sports photos. You may even be fortunate to have some professional photos, since many little league teams offer photo packages to the players. As great as the photographs will look displayed in hinged picture frames, you might also consider starting a photo scrapbook. When creating a scrapbook, it can also be fun to include other sports mementos in addition to the photos, such as the team roster, ticket stubs, playbooks or any community or school newspaper articles that were written about your child’s team. Both you and your child will treasure these photo memories forever, and he or she will be particularly glad that not only did you support them in their sports efforts, but you took the time to preserve their childhood memories for them.