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A Young Man Makes an Appointment to See His Family Physician About His Alcoholism Symptoms

Larry finally made up his mind that he needed to go and see his family doctor about his hazardous drinking.  At first, Larry thought he would be able to basically go on the Internet, look for some basic alcohol info, and come to a decision whether or not he was dependent on alcohol.  Not unexpectedly, he located a number of websites that detailed some of the usual alcoholism symptoms.  That’s the positive news.  The less positive news, sorry to say, was that Larry showed evidence of many of these alcoholism symptoms.

Examples of Alcohol Dependency Symptoms

As a case in point, Larry was drinking a lot more than normal and he was starting to have more intense disagreements with the female he was dating.  In much the same way, for the first time in his life he was having sleeping difficulties.  In a similar way, Larry regularly felt depressed and on an ever increasing basis he had been manifesting less than normal attention to detail while at work.

What is more, he felt highly stressed and more jumpy on a daily basis and for the past four or five months he had shown signs of hazy thinking while at work. Seeing as Larry displayed all of these symptoms, he was understandably apprehensive about his excessive drinking.

So Larry at long last decided to make a phone call to his family healthcare practitioner and schedule an appointment.  In point of fact, this was problematic for Larry because his family doctor was also his parents’ family healthcare practitioner.  The root of his uneasiness was this: at the risk of embarrassing his family, he had to go and expose his irresponsible and abusive drinking behavior to his healthcare professional.

When Larry arrived at the family physician’s family healthcare practitioner’s office, he explicitly informed the family healthcare practitioner about the trepidation he had about his excessive drinking behavior. When the family healthcare practitioner asked what was prompting this consternation, Larry confirmed that he had gone online and read about dependency on alcohol and especially about alcohol addiction symptoms.  He then articulated all of the alcohol addiction symptoms that he obviously thought he manifested.

An Inclusive Physical Appraisal and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

The doctor told Larry that it was prudent of him to attend to his drinking problems, he gave Larry an in depth physical appraisal, and suggested that he sign into an out-patient alcohol treatment program that was run by one of his doctor friends.

What is more, when Larry mentioned that he had been feeling a sense of melancholy to an increasing degree, the healthcare professional told Larry that alcoholism and depression often arise in the same person.  Consequently, the doctor also suggested that Larry seek counseling to attend to his melancholy.

The Advantage of Coping With Your Drinking Issues

The family doctor made it a point to inform Larry that he might not necessarily be addicted to alcohol, but that he was certainly drinking in an irresponsible manner.  The doctor then notified Larry that the reason he recommended alcohol treatment in the first place was because he wanted him to confront his drinking difficulties, make sure that he stopped them from escalating, and start to live in a more healthy manner, even if it meant that he had to absolutely refrain from drinking.

Briefly, by effectively treating his drinking difficulties, Larry would be able to get his problem drinking under control and refrain from the negative cycle of events that could doubtless lead to alcohol addiction.

Without a doubt, Larry did not want to face the thought of getting registered into an alcohol treatment center. Nor was he euphoric about going to a therapist about his melancholy.  Regardless of these fears, conversely, Larry in point of fact experienced some psychological relief for the first time in quite a few months because he eventually gave up making excuses for himself and at long last decided to do something positive about his drinking issues.