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Symptoms Of A Kidney Stone – Know What To Look For

It is important for everybody to be told the signs and symptoms of a kidney stone since they are a potentially serious condition.  Since the signs are very similar to several other ailments they are habitually mistaken for less serious conditions and therefore overlooked.  Making this assumption could be a very painful and expensive mistake.

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These signs can start out small and manifest quickly so it is vital that you take it seriously from the start.  The issue is that the signs and symptoms may not even show up initially if the stones are small enough.  By the time you start noticing a little discomfort they may not only have enlarged in size, but they may be producing another problem altogether, which is a blockage. That is why health care professionals advise that you take notice at once and never take any chances. Better to manage a lesser condition mistakenly than to ignore it and let it evolve into a serious matter.

The signs are common so you should take notice: pain in the lower back region, the side and in some cases  in the lower abdomen and pelvic region.  It might start out small and gradually get worse and in some cases come in waves of intensity.  There can be nausea, vomiting and general flu-like symptoms.  You may have a fever, chills, and problems urinating.  Regardless of whether you are able to urinate, there may be light to severe pain included with it and possibly blood in the urine.

If you’re experiencing a lessening in urine whilst maintaining the need to go, this can be an especially dangerous symptom.  It could suggest that your urinary tract is blocked with a stone.  This is a clear signal that you need to proceed to an emergency room instantly.  The backup of urine can only accumulate for so long until you experience major complications.   If minor procedures fail to displace or break up the stones then you’ll need surgery.  This may sound radical, but it will be a relief from the pain.

Most individuals simply dismiss the symptoms of a kidney stone for something else.  Now that you know what to look for you should regard every episode as a worst possible condition, just in case you happen to be right.

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