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You Too Can Prevent H1N1 Virus

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The majority of the readers in any search engine are looking of anything under the sun.  They are looking about animation, love, pornography, showbiz, politics, cartoons, masquerade, games, cards, download materials, travel and leisure, heartache, etc.  They are more familiar of the mentioned topics, but are they aware of the recent pandemics that outbreaks the world?  What?  The pandemics! What? The H1N1 Virus! Swine or pigs, then Flu means respiratory infections.  

So, a simple man will ask: “Am I interested with the H1N1 outbreak? There’s no flu-like in my community, even I, doesn’t have a H1N1, we don’t have pigs in our community, why should we afraid of the Swine Flu Virus? Why should I know about that? Should I know to prevent the H1N1 Flu?”

The answer is: “Even if, there’s no Swine Flu in your community, you must know how to prevent that kind.” This article, will teach you the basic steps on how to prevent the Swine Flu virus in a very simplest way.

First, washing our hands frequently using any germicidal soap with water can help us prevent with the spreading virus especially if we suspected someone.  If you don’t have available germicidal soap in the area, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  Either if you are using soap or hand sanitizer, you must follow this steps: connects your two palms facing each other, rub them horizontally, vertically then squeeze each other throughout your fingers.  Do it for five to six times a day.  

Secondly, you must cover your nose with a tissue paper before you deliver a cough and sneeze especially if you are talking to somebody else.  Throw your tissue in the trash can after you use it, so that transfer of the virus coming from your respiratory will be avoided.

Third, if you are not feeling well avoid going out to your friends, playground, schools and offices, much better you have to stay in your house and quarantine yourself for three to four days.

Fourth, avoid hugging or kissing at any public occasions instead gesture your hands and smile at each other until the Swine Flu Outbreak diminish.

Fifth, if you suspected yourself of a possible flu-like virus, you better report to your nearest Health Officer in the community for proper diagnostic.  (Note: if you suffered fever, sore throat and cough for more than two days, don’t hesitate to go to your Health Officer, its better to check as early as possible than to die early).

Sixth, there are a number of things that you can do in preparing yourself and those around you for a flu pandemic.  It is important to think of it the challenges that you might face, particularly if a pandemic is severe.

Seventh, for assurance in planning for the impact of a Swine Flu virus on you, your family and your business, go to your Health Officer for more information about H1N1 Virus careers from individuals, families, and your workplace, and for information directed from schools, health care providers, community organizations and governments

Aside from your own Swine Flu prevention, there are some government agencies such as the Department of Health, Department of Education and the Department of National Defense to help us strengthen our immune system and detect a possible H1N1 Flu in our community.  Planning and preparation can be lessened the effects of a pandemic if do it ahead of time.

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Explaination Of Swine Flu

Every one of us wants to know what exactly swine flu is. Swine flue or swine influenza refers to an influenza caused due to swine influenza virus that usually infects pigs. However, the latest variant has infected humans as well. Awareness about the virus may be helpful, to detect if you have caught the virus as well as to dispel any panic reactions.

 Swine flu explained

 Flu virus normally affects humans, birds and animals once in a while. However, the virus has the ability to change form and jump from birds to humans or animals to humans and vice versa. The latest strain is transmitted from humans to humans. However, the name comes from its genetic structure that is closely similar to the swine flu virusthat affects pigs. The initial reports on study of virus suggested reassortment of at least four strains of influenza ‘A’ virus subtype H1N1. The subtype includes one strain endemic in humans, two endemic in swine and one endemic in birds, thus the name “Swine Flu”. Further analysis however suggested that is was a reassortment of two strains of SIV. Though initial reports identified it as swine influenza, a zoonosis, the origin is unknown. Previous swine flu cases were mainly reported mainly among those who came in direct contact with pigs. The new one is a virulent new strain of the virus. The cause of concern is that it has infected people who have no contact with pigs at all. There is a dispute as to the incubation period for swine flu and is estimated to be in the range of 1 to 5 days.

 Swine flu symptoms

 It is pretty difficult to differentiate swine flu symptoms from those of seasonal flu. The common symptoms include, cough, sore throat, fever, headache, body aches, fatigue and chills. In the recent outbreak of 2009 affected people are found to be dealing with diarrhea and vomiting also. These are symptoms similar to seasonal flu. Doctors may thus recommend a lab test to find if its swine flu or any other condition. Fatal outcome due to severe illness or complications like pneumonia and respiratory failure are likely but not common.

 What care can we take?

 To avoid spreading the virus to others, those affected should preferably stay home and avoid social gatherings. While sneezing or coughing use a tissue to cover the mouth and nose, as the droplets are an easy source for transmission from person to person. Tissue must be thrown into dust bin and hands should be washed clean. If you know of anyone infected then ensure that you do not use the items used by the person. Even if you touch anything make sure you do not touch your face and nose as they are easy targets for transmission.

 Tamiflu and Relenza have been effective drugs on most cases. The symptoms can be seen in about 2 to 3 days. These drugs are more effective when taken within 48 hours of the start of flu symptoms.

 It is important to keep yourself informed about the happenings and developments in your community. The local health department provides necessary medication and advice on preventive measures that would enable us to contain the spread of Swine Flu.



The Swine Flu Number is Now Free

Swine flu has spead a huge amount around the world. The virus which initially broke out in Mexico is set to bite the whole world as the winter approaches. Here in the UK we have see swine flu infect a wide variety of people and it is set to wipe out a huge amount more over the next coming weeks. All of this has caused the United kingdom to become the 3rd most infected nation after Mexico and the America.


But health officials in the UK are stating that they are well aware of the situation and there is enough medicine to treat the country. But GPs have been feeling the squeeze the most; since the eruption began they have literally been inundated with visits and calls for patients believing that they have swine influenza.


This has all led to officials opening a new Pandemic flu line. The number although an 0800 number was feared to be abused by the mobile network operators. We all acknowledge that they charge immense amounts to actually ring free phone numbers and by charging to use the influenza line that could have been literally making a fortune.


But in the end common sense prevailed and all of the mobile firm networks agreed to waive the charge for the flu line. It just goes to show that mobile providers could actually scrap the 0800 number in an instant, I mean with the current mobile rage they need to give back to the networks. I mean they are literally earning a fortune at any rate so why the need to keep charging the public for something that is not even indictable.


I hope the networks sort out this problem before it becomes all too late. People will literally begin to abandon them and they will literally become a company that is losing revenue.


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What You Should Know About Swine Flu, The Precautions You Should Take And Treatments Available

Today we are ever more at at more risk from the various mutations of the flu virus than we have before. We had concerns over bird flu, but now swine flu has manifested as a major concern. Swine flu is a greater problem than bird flu ever was. It was feared that bird flu could mutate into a form that might become infectious in humans, apart from a few cases, this has not occurred.

Swine flu is of more concern, it can spread from human to human making it an extremely serious health problem.  What exactly is swine flu. Swine flu, or to be more correct influenza A (H1N1), is a respiratory disease that effects pigs, it is the result of a flu virus. Outbreaks of swine flu in pigs is not uncommon but is rarely fatal. Swine flu doesn’t normally infect people, although it can happen occasionally when people have been close contact with infected pigs.

Swine flu is a unknown strain of virus and therefore is very dangerous to humans. This means that no one has been in contact with this particular type before, which means no one has built up any immunity to this strain. Without inbuilt immunity a virus can be life threatening, as our bodies are unable to fight the virus. Absolutely everyone is susceptible, this includes healthy adults and teenagers as well as children and senior citizens.

Swine flu could easily give rise to a pandemic flu situation. Pandemic flu situation occurs when an influenza virus develops that is dissimilar to previous influenza strains that very few, if any, humans have any sort of immunity to. This allows the influenza virus to spread widely and rapidly throughout the population.

Pandemic flu differs from ordinary flu as follows.  Seasonal flu occurs annually during the winter, with about 10 to 15 percent of people are affected and most people will recover within one to two weeks without treatment. It is generally only risky to elderly citizens and those with diseases that result in them being more open to complications from an infection.

Pandemic flu affects more people, up to half the population, it is far more serious, people of all ages can be affected.

Swine flu symptoms are similar to the symptoms of seasonal influenza. Symptoms include a sudden onset of a fever, a cough or shortness of breath. Other symptoms that may present themselves can include headaches, sore throat, aching muscles, chills, sneezing, runny nose, loss of appetite and tiredness.

So what precautions should you take. Anyone with flu or cold symptoms should take a few easy, but very important precautions. The flu virus is spread between people from the tiny droplets from the mouth and nose when someone sneezes or coughs. This is the way viruses are spread through the population. Covering your nose or mouth with your hands when you cough or sneeze is not enough. The germs remain on your hands, and everything you touch becomes contaminated. Anyone touching the same surface as you will pick up the germs and become infected. Therefore, always use a handkerchief or tissue. A tissue is better, this should be disposed as soon as possible, and always use a fresh tissue if you cough or sneeze again.

There are currently no vaccinations available to prevent anyone contracting swine flu. Swine flu is an unknown strain of virus. The seasonal vaccination against seasonal flu is ineffective for swine flu. Once the type of flu causing swine flu is identified, it will then take many months to manufacture. By this time, it may have mutated into a different strain.

The only real effective precaution against swine flu is Tamiflu. Tamiflu isn’t guaranteed for the prevention of swine flu, but after someone has been exposed to someone else who has the flu virus, it may help in stopping the virus making you sick. If Tamiflu is administered within 48 hours of acquiring the flu virus, it will help in stopping the virus spreading through the body, thereby reducing the symptoms and risk associated with the swine flu virus. Governments worldwide are stockpiling Tamiflu, these supplies will naturally be used to treat important workers before the general population.

You can however buy Tamiflu online, if the situation occurs you are able to offer as much protection as is possible to yourself and loved ones. It cannot be emphasized enough, Tamiflu needs to be administered as early as possible to be effective, any delays in treating the virus will reduce how effective Tamiflu is.

Also, remember that swine flu is a global problem. If a pandemic outbreak becomes global it is possible that the supplies of Tamiflu could become low and may not be high enough to meet a huge worldwide demand.  Until such time that a vaccine is found and produced in the quantities needed, Tamiflu is the only really effective treatment for the swine flu virus, it is therefore be prudent to buy Tamiflu beforehand if you think you could be at risk.

Disclaimer: This article is based on information that is freely available in {the popular#the} press and medical journals concerned with swine flu. Nothing in this posting is intended to be or should be taken to be any sort of medical advice. For medical advice you are advised to consult with your own doctor.