Bitcoin Mining Revenue Surges after Increased Interest in Memecoins and NFTs on Blockchain

Ordinals have triggered a frenzy in memecoins and NFTs on the Bitcoin network, with mining revenue riding high.  The explosive popularity of memecoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Bitcoin (BTC) network has induced a surge in mining revenue. However, how long this positive development will last remains to be seen. Memecoin market value was … Read more

Milady NFT Floor Price and Milady Meme Coin Surges after Tweet by Elon Musk

With a market capitalization of approximately $126 million, the Milady Meme Coin saw its trading volume rally above $199 million. Tech billionaire and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk, has once again proved his influence in the meme coin industry through a tweet of Milady NFT. As a result, the price value of Milady-related … Read more

FTT Surges 100% as FTX Considers Reopening

FTX’s lead attorney said that restarting the exchange would require significant capital and there was an internal debate about whether this money should come from FTX’s estate capital or through third-party capital. The legal team behind the debtors of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX recently suggested that the exchange could consider a reopening by mid-2023 … Read more

Hundreds of Fake ChatGPT Tokens Issued on BNB Chain and ETH as AI Popularity Surges

Illicit market participants are cashing in on the soaring popularity of ChatGPT by issuing fake tokens on several blockchains.  According to reports, no-gooders are taking advantage of the ongoing ChatGPT rave by issuing fake tokens. These malicious market participants have issued fake tokens branded after ChatGPT in the past few weeks. 132 of these bogus tokens saw … Read more