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Stress Management Tips For Children

There are many reasons why children can start to have nightmares. I have two children, both of whom at various stages of their lives wake up crying and upset.

My young son started to have nightmares after watching the film Lord Of The Rings. He really enjoyed watching the film and wanted to watch it on a regular basis and would even re-inact the battles. I am not sure if you have ever watched this film but it is rather long in its duration and would be a film which my son would normally watch on his own – due to the fact that the me and his mother lead such busy lives.

I thought about why he may have started to have these type of dreams and believed it was due to this film. I decided to make the time and watched the film with my son. Whenever a person was killed I re-assured him that the people were only acting and had not really died in real life etc. Even though it was not particularly humorous I made sure that I laughed when there were the more violent scenes and would state something like “as if that is realistic”.

Children who stress

My daughter at one point started to stress because she was not in any of the top groups in the different subjects she was taking at school. She felt like she was a failure and that we would not be proud of her. I advised her that we knew she was giving it her all at school and that as long as she continued to try her best that we would always be proud of her. But it is a bit like where I work at a company selling composite doors, we can not all be the chairman To put it in rather simple terms not every person can find themselves in the top set.

She did have a real issue to stress about – stuttering. For whatever reason she developed the speech impediment when she was a young child and as you may well imagine it had a negative affect on her self-esteem. I searched high and low for ways to help her to stop stuttering and I am pleased to report that she has now managed to achieve fluency. She is now working as business cost reduction specialist.

I am confident that with the right motivation that other people will also be able to learn how to achieve fluency.


Stuttering And Stammering Advice

Which therapies for stuttering are the most popular and beneficial? Is it possible to overcome a stammer/stutter? How long does it take to eradicate a stutter? Are there any specialist courses for stuttering that I can attend? Where can I find out more information about how to cure a stutter? These are questions that I am asked on a daily basis and ones which I will be answering in this article.

My name is Stephen Hill and I am a speech coach from the UK. I am a person who had a stutter for eighteen years before finally managing to achieve fluency at the age of 22. I have now enjoyed fluency for the last thirteen years.

The main form of therapy that I offer comes in the form of a specialised speech course for stuttering. These courses are on a one-to-one basis, this is something which I believe is essential due to the fact that each and every person has a different type of speech impediment and should therefore be treated as an individual rather than “herded” into a group format. The courses are held in Birmingham, England and are held over a two, three or five day period.

The most popular form of therapy that I offer; however; happens to be the seventy minute stuttering cure DVD. This film includes a lot of information including those all important techniques that I used to eradicate my own stutter.

People are also able to purchase an e-book and an audio book; all of these are what I call self-help stuttering treatment products.

Over the last few months I have introduced a couple of new stuttering therapy options; the first is fluency coaching over the telephone and the second is stuttering therapy via Skype. These are also starting to become quite popular.

The majority of the people who contact me; whether it be via e-mail, telephone or letter are from the United Kingdom however I do receive a lot of interest from the United States, India, Australia, Ireland, Pakistan, Norway and New Zealand. I have a blog at blog.stammering-stuttering.co.uk which has a map that shows people where the visitors to the site are located. This is something that is quite interesting to keep a track of from time to time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.