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Are Spa Treatments A Mind Game

A lot of people out there go to spa hotels all over the world getting all of the best treatments to help them relax and to get away from it all but the question to ask here is, are these people just thinking that these kinds of treatments are helping them? There are a lot of mad sounding treatments out there and a lot of them are just that and you do get some that are just rubbish. So let’s take a bit of a closer look at it. Treatments That Help Of course there are treatments out there that have actually been proven to work like of course the massage and something like this and this is because there are so many people out there including experts in science that have said a massage from someone that knows what they are doing will help. Treatments That Are Not Helpful Because there are so many fantastic treatments out there then there has to be some out there that are a load of rubbish and it is the same for any trade. You can of course avoid being put in these kind of locations if you go one on of those Bali spa holidays or something like sole spa holidays because they are great places to go on one of those spa breaks too. If you are worried about a spa break then you need to think about all of the tour operators out there and then look into which ones are good which are bad and which are just ones you need to avoid. All in all just make sure you read up on some of the treatments and read people’s reviews on them as you will find them to be very valuable sources of information.

Some Of The Best Places To Visit A Spa

A spa day can be really useful to have when you are in need of a bit of relaxation and although many people are always looking to go on the weekend or day trips up to a spa it is not really known that there are many spa hotels abroad that could really be worth going to for a weeks relaxation rather than just the simple day out.

If you fancy a spa trip that is a bit longer then try going to one of these places?

Well believe it or not there are many Caribbean spa holidays out there for people to choose from. One of the best things about the Caribbean is that you do not have to stick to the spa to be relaxed, the entire place has that relaxing feel to it. You get the added benefits of the sea, sand and palm trees and of course the climate is brilliant so if you fancy a swim in the sea the weather is almost always fine.

India spa holidays are another destination that surprises many people. India is of course a gigantic nation full of rich culture and diversity which is why it is an amazing place to have a spa holiday in. They specialize in ayurvedic spa centres and have some really nice hotels in which to stay in.

Hong Kong is actually quite famous for its wonderful spa treatments. Films like Rush Hour feature the chinese spas and the place itself contains many top notch spa hotels and relaxing environments.

A lot of people are being turned away from the Middle East at the moment for obvious reasons. It is actually a really good place to relax in. Places like Dubai have grown so much over the past few years and now feature some of the best hotels in the world. There are sandy beaches, shopping and some brilliant spa treatments that occur here.

What Are The Best Spa Treatments?

There are so many spa treatments on offer. There are loads of treatments out there and some of them are very well known whereas some of the others are actually quite strange. Here is a list of just some of the best ones that you consider having the next time you are in one of those spa hotels.


This is actually a facial that is likely to cause more pain than relaxation but can really help to benefit the face in the long run. An esthetician will actually go in and remove things like blackheads and whiteheads. Before this happens the skin will have to be cleaned and steamed to make sure the face is softened up.

Photo Facial

This is just one of many skin treatments that uses light based technology. This treatment can actually help with a lot of different things but the main uses of it are to treat things like brown spots, broken capillaries and acne.

Body Polish

This is one of those treatments that people will confuse with a massage. There are a lot of different ways that you can do this kind of treatment and it can be done using a lot of different materials. The massage oil will usually conisit of Salt, sugar, coffee, rice bran, or pecan. To make sure all of the treatment has worked you usually will have to take a shower afterwards.


This is the most traditional form of spa treatment and is arguably one of the best ways in the world to relax somebody. There are many forms of massage including back, head and full body. Have a look around to find out on the best prices.

You do not have to stick around here in the UK when it comes to getting a spa treatment. Many places across the world offer spa treatments over the course of a week or more. It may be worth going on one of those Caribbean spa holidays or perhaps even one of those India spa holidays just to give it a try and see if it does well to your health.

What are the rules with going into a hot tub when pregnant

Owning a hot tub has great social benefits! Having a romantic evening with your partner in the hot tub can be socially advantageous! There are also other benefits derived from have a hot tub.

But is a hot tub or a Jacuzzi a safer proposition to use than a hot tub when you are pregnant?


Is a hot tub or a Jacuzzi a safer proposition to use than a hot tub when you are pregnant?


It seems that the reason behind the recommendation against using hot tubs is to do with body temperature.


A high body temperature in early pregnancy can increase the risk of neural tube defects (abnormalities in the development of the brain or spine of the baby). This also applies to fevers when pregnant.

A fever during pregnancy, especially in the early stages can cause problems but research so far does not show if it can actually cause a miscarriage, unless the fever is extremely high and prolonged.


There is some evidence however that using hot tubs in early pregnancy could increase the risk of miscarrying in addition to neural tube defects. There is not enough conclusive evidence and more likely the baby will be at risk.


Due to this known link with neural tube defects it is recommended by doctors that women should avoid raising their body temperature above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact ten to twenty minutes in a hot tub can raise the body temperature to 102 degrees.

A lot of people like to use different temperatures of the hot tub, but to be safe; you should keep at a healthy heat and not overdo it. If you raise the temperature to a very high level, your skin can end up being damaged and potentially burnt. The general temperature that should be reserved is around 90-100 degrees.

Therefore the consensus of opinion is better to be safe than sorry and avoid using a hot tub during pregnancy.