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Why Is Snoiring And Morning Headaches Connected?

If you’re very tired when you first wake up, of course there could be many reasons for this.  Persons with hypoglycemia or other blood sugar problems may need some protein to get their blood sugar back to normal after having not eaten for eight or more hours. You may well be a night person who just doesn’t enjoy the mornings.  But for many, it’s more than just being tired, they experience sometimes severe morning headaches, and snoring is sometimes to blame.  But why the connection between the two?  How to stop snoring which might be causing the problem?

One of the reasons that morning headaches and snoring are connected is because of a person snoring due to sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a very dangerous condition wherein someone actually stops breathing for a few moments because of restricted airflow.  They then wake up just long enough for the body to force itself to start breathing again, and are typically not awake long enough to even know that their sleep has been interrupted.As caused by sleep apnea, the connection between morning headaches and snoring is because the brain is literally starved of needed oxygen over and over again throughout the night.  If left unchecked, this condition can actually cause slight brain damage, so it’s no wonder that a person would get headaches from this!  Sleep apnea is very common in persons who are overweight and especially obese, as this excess body fat puts undue pressure on the neck and cuts off the airway.  Many persons however do not even know that they have sleep apnea.  Considering how dangerous it is, if you have morning headaches and snoring problems, and especially if you are overweight, you may want to talk to your doctor immediately about medical intervention or treatment options to help stop snoring.

Another reason that morning headaches and snoring are connected is because if a person snores very loudly or deeply, they are actually hurting their own head.  That constant vibration of the dry tissue of the throat can cause damage to the entire back of the neck and head, giving a person a headache.

And of course chronic sleeplessness is another cause for morning headaches, and snoring is a big cause of sleeplessness.  If you’re trying to sleep next to someone that is a chronic snorer, you are probably very sleep deprived, whether you know it or not.Tiredness, bad temper, restlessness, inability to concentrate, and falling asleep at inappropriate times are just other symptoms of insomnia, much like morning headaches.  And snoring is a leading interrupter of sleep, not for the snorer, but for those next to him or her, help them stop snoring

If you’re experiencing constant morning headaches, you should consult with your doctor.There may possibly be other health concerns and issues that are causing them of course, however, morning headaches and snoring are very common.These headaches may just be part of other grave health problems that you may be having, or may be at risk of having, if you do not address your snoring issues right away.