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Bathrooms Rife With Germs

Most people find cleaning the toilet to be a chore of nightmarish proportions however it is an important task to keep the area where you wash and bathe clean and hygienic. The regularity in which the bathroom means it quickly germ-ridden. Bathrooms provide the perfect habitat for germs. The average sink has a higher bacterial count than any other areas in the home, even more than the toilet seat.


This reason behind the high germ count is the ever-present moistness of the sink provides ideal conditions for bacterial growth. This fact seems more alarming when one takes into account that the sink is where a majority of people wash their faces and clean their teeth. The bacterium survives by feeding off microscopic organic matter such as skin flakes and body oils. In fact, food remnants found in kitchen inset sinks provide the bedrock for germ survival in and around the sink area. Giving the sink a thorough cleaning will ensure that the germ count is reduced. An abundance of germs harbour around the taps. The inside of taps (where the water is dispensed) is the most contaminated area; so it is vital to give them an intricate cleaning. The same goes for kitchen taps.


To cut germ count, it’s important to use appropriate cleaning methods and solutions. The most effective and least toxic method of cleaning your bathroom is steam vapour cleaning. This is a meticulous method of removing soil and killing germs without using chemicals. A common misjudgment is the application of chemicals to a soiled service, this is virtually ineffective. This is exactly why it’s important to clean the surface before applying disinfectants. It should be reminded that items regularly used in the bathroom (DAB radio) should be cleaned just as often.