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Will you get ripped off if you trade your old gold to a moneyforgold company

When you take into consideration the current condition of the American economy and the ever increasing movement upwards in gold and silver prices , it is obvious why people are rooting out their damaged gold jewelry and are selling them to cash 4 gold brokers as a method to acquire some more income to pay down some extra financial woes as a way to make ends meet.


Maybe you are experiencing the same situation you will want to methodically do your investigative work before trading your gold jewelry to just any gold dealers in that there is a large amount of fraudulent players in the gold buying industry who will without conscience prey on your desperate situation and give very little for your gold jewelry.


Even though this behavior is not a scam, it is however, wrong and I feel obligated to inform those of you who may be considering selling your broken unwanted jewelry to be sure to refrain from dealing with gold buyers that are posing as middle men and to do business only with refineries or cash 4 gold buyers that own their own gold refineries


The truth is, cash for gold buyers are being middle men between you and a gold refinery and because of that they will reward you in the neighborhood of 30 percent of the market price for your gold or silver jewelry and easily trade it back to a gold refiner themselves thereby obtaining the larger share while you receive a few measly bucks.


In recent days, Fox news implemented a kind of undercover sting, where they sent in 3 identical pieces of gold to 3 different cash for gold dealers and waited for their check and while 3 of the businesses did in fact give them a payment for the unwanted jewelry, only one of those gold buyers actually paid the current market value while the other 2 gold buyers payed about 1/3 of today’s real value.


The 2 gold buying companies that payed out such a small amount were acting as a go-between while the third gold buyer that payed the real value did have their own in-house refinery, so it is seller beware in this business and I absolutely recommend that you do your part before trading in your broken gold or silver jewelry so that you do not fall for the cash 4 gold scam