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An Introduction To Baby Shower Games

You may cringe at the thought of baby shower games, thinking the guests at these showers are adults and shouldn’t be required to play these things as though they are ten years old. But you might be surprised at how guests at a shower get into the spirit of things. And games are, after all, usually expected, so if you’re planning such an event, you might as well make them as enjoyable as you can. There are several websites that provide descriptions of this sort of baby shower fun, but meanwhile, here are a few interesting ideas.

One simple and popular game for a baby shower doesn’t even require the shower guests to interrupt the flow of the party in order to participate. Each person wears a string around her neck, with several baby pins or safety pins hanging from it. Any time she uses the word “baby” during the shower, someone else can call her on it and take one of her pins. The person wearing the most pins around their neck at the end of the evening wins the game. Among shower ideas, this game idea seems to satisfy a lot of people.

You need to decide on your baby shower games while keeping in mind the character of the guests. Some groups of people will be quite content to cover themselves in plastic and feed applesauce to each other, while other people would view this sort of “full participation” game with horror. So when you’re planning a baby shower, the sorts of guests you know will be there might determine the sorts of games that seem appropriate.

You can take a route in creating baby shower games that goes in a more intellectual direction, if you have a list of guests that may not enjoy the more silly sorts of games. Trivia contests and guessing games, for example, might appeal more to these guests than anything done wearing a blindfold. When planning baby shower activities, you can find games that will fit the interests of the guests and make the experience a pleasant part of the baby shower as a whole.

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