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Designing Your Scrapbook Is As Simple As Counting

When it regards special yearly events, for example Christmas and birthdays, or even the birth of a new baby, you will see that you wish these events could be relived again and again. After all when it comes to these special events they have the potential to produce total happiness and joy in a person’s life. So why not consider sharing it? Create a scrapbook to record all the joyful memories in your life so that your family can relive those happy moments again. Creating memories which you and your family will enjoy is as easy as counting. Here’s what you need to do.

●    Gather and organize your materials

You’ll need a photo album or scrapbook, old and recent photographs of whatever event you would like to make a memory of, other memorable stuff such as tickets and receipts, and don’t forget your scrapbooking basics such as glue, scissors, and ribbons as embellishments among others. 

Take the required time to locate old photos. You may even want to consider asking the oldest family member for help. Old photographs are the best materials you’ll ever have in creating your scrapbook. They will serve as happy memories for you and your family to take pleasure in.

Old tickets from your trip to the museum or to the movies as well as concert tickets are also great scrapbooking mementos. These will help you to remember trips that you took many eons ago, which you may have forgotten if it hadn’t been for these rediscovered tickets.

●    Create a theme for your scrapbook

When making a scrapbook, you need to think of a particular theme so you’ll know which direction you’ll be heading in. After all a scrapbook that is disorganized is no scrapbook at all. Confusion and puzzlement are major no-no’s so ask help from your family and friends who took part in that particular event you would like to make a scrapbook of.

If you would like to stick to birthdays in your family, then focus on that alone. The same notion goes for graduations, family travels, plus Christmas holidays, to name a few. By focusing on one theme alone, you’ll have an easy time finding stuff and other mementos to put in your scrapbook and you’ll be able to finish it in no time!

●    Create Scrapbooking Notes

After you have figured out what pictures, design and theme you want to incorporate in your scrapbook, journalize it. Combine notes to the events that took place. Include who is in the photo, the event that took place, and even a funny story, to name a few. For instance if you have one photo depicting you and your dad in a fishing store or a self defense products shop (and you’re a girl!), you could consider writing a note that says, “Left my girl activities at home as I spend the day with dad purchasing a tazer and fishing poles! Can anyone think of something better?” Try and make something creative. Write notes that are funny. This is a good chance to let your personality shine through.

Photo albums just show you pictures and nothing else. It will be up to the individual to add what happened. With scrapbooks, you are telling the story to someone who views it. You will be designing something that makes you rethink of an event, which will hopefully also make you laugh over the events that took place as well. Preserving memories is the true essence of scrapbooking. Additionally, your friends and family with also think of it as a thoughtful gesture that they will enjoy.

Lethal vs. Non-Lethal Weapons, You Decide

It is necessary for people to be on guard about their individual protection because we live in a dangerous world with crime rates rising daily. Self-defense arsenal is one way to secure your safety and these devices can be categorized as deadly and non-deadly. Let’s examine the differences of each.

Lethal Weapons

Rifles, shotguns, handguns and knives are examples of lethal armaments. These specific devices can inflict serious injury and their effects can be permanent as well as deadly. Most require schooling in their use and some entail a license or permit to carry. It takes repeated practice to be accomplished in using this type of weaponry. Sometimes the boundry between self-protection and assault can become vague when these devices are used to defend yourself, as it could be considered “excessive force” particularly if your attacker isn’t carrying a weapon. Consider also that your own deadly weapon can and probably will be used against you if an assailant is successful in disarming you. When using firearms, you must know your target and what is beyond the target to avoid injuring innocent bystanders. It can be costly to own and maintain a lethal weapon and the liability is much greater. If you are disposed to using deadly force to safeguard yourself then you will have to live with the consequences and remorse for the remainder of your days.

Non-Lethal Weapons

A non-lethal weapon is a device purposely designed to be used to bring someone to their knees without causing mortal harm or lasting injury. Unlike lethal armaments, non-lethal weapons make use of a technique other than deadly force to attain the objective. Defensive sprays, like pepper spray and mace, and energy devices, like self defense stun gunsand tasers, are prime examples of non lethal weapons. When properly used, non-lethal weapons will not cause severe injury, death or have any permanent consequences. Yet they are powerful enough to halt an assailants assault giving you adequate time to get away. A license or permit is not needed in order to carry this type of arsenal. Anybody can operate them with little or no special schooling. Many have safety precautions, which will render the piece of equipment inoperative if an assailant takes it away from you. There is also lower risk of innocent onlookers being seriously injured because the effects are temporary. They are less expensive than most deadly weapons.

You Decide

The type of self-defense arsenal you decide to carry, whether lethal or non-lethal, is a personal preference. Keep in mind, being armed and prepared to use a weapon in self-defense won’t stop every crime, however, it can drastically reduce your chances for an attack and greatly increase your survival if you are attacked.

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