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Introduction to Swarovski Rifle Scopes, II

Disguised behind the sophisticated look of the Z6 is really cutting edge solutions which has reinvented the functional benefit of a rifle scope.The larger zoom range and the better eye relief enable much more versatility, increased accuracy and improved security while hunting. The Swarovski Z6 and Z6i rifle scope lines of products have redefined the market of higher performance rifle scopes. If you have made the selection to acquire one of these first-class scopes, you are without a doubt on the right path; you will discover a rifle scope totally adapted to your demands depending on just what you plan to use it for.

We’ll commence with the Z6 line of scopes -The Z6 collection has certainly redefined optical performance in riflescopes. With 50 % additional field of vision at the lowest strength setting, even longer eye relief, and 6-times zoom, the Z6 is the most functional hunting scope out there. Any of the Z6 scopes have the reticle placed in the 2nd focal plane, so that the reticle does not expand as the power is increased.There are four types of the z6 scope offered, with basic and illuminated reticles. All of the z6 models come outfitted with continual eye relief, therefore the user does not need to shift his or her head in order to locate the required image.

The z6 scopes range anywhere between $ 1,779 and $ 3,059.

The z6i line combines an impressive reticle illumination system with many different levels of brightness. The High Grid technology is developed in to the eyepiece for superior operation with low profile construction for an unconstrained view above the top of the scope. The SWAROLIGHT innovation with automated on-off function for illuminated reticles increases battery life.

The z6i Swarovski scopes line is priced from $ 2,349 and $ 3,389 and is available in all 9 designs of the Z6 scope. Each and every model is offered in a large selection of options and reticles from which to select.

More Info:

  • 6x zoom in a 30 mm rifle scope
  • Maximum image quality because of completely ingenious design of the optic
  • Substantial eye relief of 3.74 in (95 mm) for higher safety
  • Substantial field of view for higher overview
  • Reticle in the 2nd image plane: The target observed is magnified although the size of the reticle stays the same.
  • Quick diopter modification
  • Microstructure surface: exactly specified ribbing to prevent residual reflections within the tube for brilliant, high-contrast images, even in extreme sunlight