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A Bit About Dog Collars and Leashes

In many cases, the first things that come to mind when accessories for dogs are mentioned are collars and leashes.  Although collars and leashes are about the most basic things you can get for a dog, many of those out there today have features that will help you with tasks that are far from basic.  There is a wide variety of leash, collar and electronic collar choices available today, including Casual Canine leather dog leashes and leads.

Decoration and identification are two of the key functions that dog collars handle, but there are plenty of other factors to consider when choosing a dog collar.  The simplest type of dog collar is the buckle collar, which is available in a variety of different materials, including nylon and leather, offering a fit for your dog regardless of his or her needs in terms of comfort and allergies.  Other kinds of collars include flea collars, stud collars, break-away collars, and the so-called “Elizabethan” collars, the cone-shaped collars which prevent dogs from scratching or licking injured or otherwise sensitive areas.  Among the more popular products are Casual Canine deluxe latigo leather durable dog leads.

Training collars are the other major kind of dog collar.  Training collars are used to help with different aspects of the training process.  In their own ways, training collars can be used to help dogs take up certain types of behaviour.  Popular types of training collars include: prong collars, which have small prongs that will gently pinch the skin around a dog’s neck when tightened; choke collars, which can be tightened as necessary by pulling the leash attachment briefly; and electronic collars (also known as e-collars), which can produce vibrations, electric impulses, or other sensations when certain conditions, such as the dog going beyond the designated area, are triggered.

Leashes and leads are also available in a number of materials; which one is best for your dog can depend on a number of factors.  There are also retractable leashes and leads sold currently, which can allow greater freedom for the dog while still providing ease of control and the avoidance of tangling issues for the owner.  There are many experienced leash manufacturers out there and they make a wide variety of products including Guardian Gear reflective tape medium size nylon dog leashes

Dog collars and leashes can do a lot more than just hold tags or keep your dog from getting too far away.  While many people aren’t aware of just what some dog collars and leashes can do, it’s clear that just about any dog owner could benefit from some of the features they offer.