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Accounting Software รข€“ Implemented On Time And To Budget

It happens far too often in organisations worldwide; the software is out of date and needs upgrading but it gets put off because of the potential headache it may cause.

This inevitably leads to a problem arising at the worst possible moment and the issue needing to be addressed immediately, which of course often leads to being charged more.

If you think this this sounds like you then PS Financials might have the solution. Their award winning Accounting Software is renowned for its seamless and rapid integration, without the added cost.

This was something that really attracted the Anglia Regional Co-Operative Society to PS Financials. They asked the company to upgrade parts of their retail accounting software, and they required efficiency .

Financial Manager, John Shevlane,said : “It was a tremendously quick installation and we were absolutely thrilled with PS Financials’ efforts given the complexity.

“They have been a capable enterprise level supplier with the level of intimacy you’d only expect from a local vendor,” he added.

This can also be the case for businesses that go through a period of rapid development.

Integration is also deemed of the utmost importance when considering which accounting software option to go with.

After a radical change in their infrastructure this was certainly a primary concern for InTechnology.

In Technology’s Director, Gary Donoghue , commented : “…systems were in place but we still needed to do a lot of integration work, so we needed a financial software provider we could work with who would allow us to undertake our own integration”.

They selected PS Financials because they needed the flexibility that was required to make all of their disparate systems work together, and for their own IT development to work alongside the PS Financials implementation team.

With a range of accounting software packages available, PS Financials have the ability to deliver adaptable solutions across a variety of sectors , from B2B to Technology.

If you would like to find out more, or you’d be interested in trialling the software, check out their website: http://business.psfinancials.com.