US Officials in Urgent Talks to Rescue First Republic Bank

In case of a scenario where the First Republic Bank fails, the FDIC will likely want to avoid systemic risk and offer insurance to all the bank’s depositors, even those not covered by insurance. The banking crisis unfolds further, with the US officials trying to coordinate with the private sector to reach an agreement on … Read more

Zipmex Rescue Investor Reneges on 100% Creditor Payoff Commitment Now Offering 10 to 20 Cents on Dollar

The Zipmex rescue deal was threatened after the investor backtracked on its earlier promise to repay creditors fully.  Amid plans to rescue embattled crypto exchange Zipmex from insolvency, the investor has reportedly reneged on its promised 100% payment. According to reports, Zipmex’s rescue investor now seeks to pay only 10 to 20 cents on the dollar to … Read more

Bitcoin and Ether Price Jumps Over 9% as Fed and FDIC Come at SVB Depositors’ Rescue

The Fed and the FDIC have assured depositors that they could withdraw money from Silicon Valley Bank thereby instilling some confidence among crypto investors. In the early trading hours on Monday, March 13, the broader cryptocurrency market made a strong comeback surging past $1 trillion levels once again. This surprise rally in the crypto space … Read more

Silvergate Working Out a Rescue Plan with FDIC Officials

FDIC officials are reportedly looking at the books and records of Silvergate Bank and could provide a remedy for bank to come out of the turmoil. Crypto-focused bank Silvergate Capital is facing a major crisis at its end and is looking for a way to stay in business. As per the latest reports, Silvergate Bank … Read more