Ethereum (ETH) Rallies to 8-Month High Just 8 Days to Long-Awaited Shanghai Upgrade

Cash flow from Bitcoin to the Ethereum market has significantly contributed to today’s price bump according to Lewis Harland, Decentral Park Capital’s portfolio manager. After consolidating for the past two weeks, the Ethereum (ETH) market has begun gaining traction over Bitcoin (BTC) during the early New York trading session on Tuesday. According to the latest … Read more

Bitcoin Rallies Following News on US Inflation Data for February

Bitcoin hit an upswing ahead of the Fed’s inflation-focused meeting on March 22nd to decide rate hikes.  The price of Bitcoin (BTC) climbed sharply on news that US inflation had met Dow Jones and Nomura estimates. In February, US inflation rose 0.4% month-on-month and 6% year-on-year as the Federal Reserve readies its next rate hike … Read more