Swiss Bankers Association Proposes Joint Deposit Token

Despite the clarity of the SBA’s stance, there are still many questions to answer on the legal front. In a recently published white paper, the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) proposed the issuance of a joint deposit token on a public blockchain. The SBA noted a consensus that stablecoins be issued by registered institutions and cited … Read more

Klaytn Foundation Proposes Slashing KLAY Supply by 50%

Besides the deflationary approach to increase the value of KLAY, the protocol also revealed that it is committed to increasing the utility of the digital currency beyond its use as a gas fee. The Klaytn Foundation, the blockchain startup in charge of maintaining the Klaytn Blockchain’s code, has proposed cutting the total supply of the … Read more

Helium Foundation Proposes March 27 as Migration Date to Solana Blockchain 

The Helium network migration to the Solana blockchain was enabled by the community passing HIP-70 last year. The Helium Foundation has proposed March 28, 2023, as the migration data to the Solana network. With an Upgrade Readiness Working Group being implemented, the Helium network anticipates tapping on the Solana prowess. Moreover, the Solana network takes … Read more