Messari CEO Says Bitcoin Price Can Breach $100K in a Year

The Messari CEO said firms may choose to use Bitcoin as the exit plan. The growing strain in the broader financial market has been tagged as a yardstick for a more ambitious fundamental that can drive Bitcoin (BTC) price growth according to projections from Messari CEO, Ryan Selkis. Taking to his official Twitter account, Selkis … Read more

Analyst Says Crypto Could Hit $100,000 with Bump & Run Reversal Price Pattern

Some analysts recently weighed in on Bitcoin price prediction as the prominent token appears set to embark on another rally.  Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction sees some analysts argue that the leading digital currency could hit $100,000. As it stands, BTC has found support at the $24,000 threshold after climbing from under $20K over the past … Read more

Bitcoin Price Tops $26.4K, Quickly Rejected as Over $311M Liquidated in Crypto Market

High-impact news, including the CPI release and the US banking crisis, significantly contributed to Bitcoin price topping $26K. For the first time since June last year, Bitcoin price traded above $26K on Tuesday after the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data yesterday that was in line with expectations. … Read more

Bitcoin and Ether Price Jumps Over 9% as Fed and FDIC Come at SVB Depositors’ Rescue

The Fed and the FDIC have assured depositors that they could withdraw money from Silicon Valley Bank thereby instilling some confidence among crypto investors. In the early trading hours on Monday, March 13, the broader cryptocurrency market made a strong comeback surging past $1 trillion levels once again. This surprise rally in the crypto space … Read more

A Fundamental Dispute Floor Price Jumps 95% after Mint

It’s the era of on-chain NFT collections. A fundamental dispute floor price breaks a new record. Read about it here.  You’re into nostalgic art? This collection will surely catch your eye. A fundamental dispute is a generative art NFT collection existing fully on-chain. What does that even mean? Basically, all of the data and code … Read more