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My Portable Toilet Adventure

One fine day in the middle of summer I was walking through the park as care free as a bird in the sky. My weekly pay had just been given to me and I was planning how I would spend my fortune in the coming week. During my walk I noticed a portable toilet, but at the time it seemed insignificant to me and I carried on enjoying my walk about. Sometime later and a good few turns on, nature suddenly called me and with the vengeance of a Samurai warrior too. I needed a toilet badly.

As the urge intensified I remembered the toilet, but I couldn’t remember where it was. All I had to do was go back the way I came and all would be well again, but as I turned around to go back I realised that I didn’t know which way I had come. I didn’t know where I was!  loo hire Noth Devon As terror set in and I began to run around like a chicken with its head cut off, I was almost resigned to just finding a bush. portable loo hire Essex There was no way I would be able to find the portable toilet and I didn’t even want to think of the consequences at the time so I just kept running.

After a while I knew I needed help. I needed help, but from where? Just then I saw a poor old man lying on a park bench and it seemed he was homeless. Surely he knew where the toilet was! I went to him and begged him to help me. portable toilet hire in Kent He said that he would do his very best to assist. I proceeded to tell him my predicament and asked him if he knew where the toilet was.

He said he would be happy to help me for a price, half of what I had on me! I had no choice but to pay and then saw my plans for the week flush away.