Citigroup Unveils Plans to Take Its Mexican Offshoot Banamex Public

The IPO process would involve offering shares of Banamex to the public, allowing outside investors to purchase those shares and become partial owners of Banamex. American multinational investment banking giant Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has revealed its plans to pursue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for its Mexico business, Banamex. The bank intends to separate Banamex … Read more

Sony Mulls Finance Unit Listing amid Plans to Steepen Entertainment Interests

Sony could pursue a partial divisional spin-off by listing its finance unit within the next two to three years. Sony Group Corp is reportedly mulling a partial spin-off and listing of its finance unit just three years after assuming full ownership. The Japanese multinational conglomerate could retain a stake of slightly less than 20% of Sony … Read more

Binance Unveils Plans to List Bitcoin Ordinals on Its NFT Marketplace

Binance has been aggressively growing its NFT marketplace in a variety of ways in order to become a top platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange has expressed interest in adding Bitcoin Ordinals to its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace by the end of May. According to the announcement, Binance … Read more

Johnson & Johnson Details Launch Plans Regarding Kenvue IPO Roadshow

Pharmaceutical powerhouse J&J expects to price its Kenvue IPO shares at $20 to $23 for a potential $40 billion company valuation.  Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) plans to price shares of its upcoming Kenvue Inc IPO between $20 and $23. The initial public offering roadshow constitutes more than $151 million shares of common stock and would be valued … Read more

Elon Musk Announces Plans to Launch TruthGPT to Better Understand & Preserve Universe

Tesla’s Elon Musk touted TruthGPT as a “maximum truth-seeking” initiative that is “the best path to safety”. Elon Musk seeks to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) platform called TruthGPT to “understand the nature of the universe”. In an announcement during a media session yesterday, the Tesla CEO described the AI as a “maximum truth-seeking” initiative. Furthermore, Elon Musk also expects TruthGPT … Read more