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So you’ve taken the decision to have a portrait photograph done.  Fabulous.It’s a ilfetime treasure, and a memory that captures your individual personality and spirit.Formal or candid, group or individual – putting in a little preparation will make the world of difference to the end result. 
To be the star of the show, here are a few tips from Perth portrait photographer, Freedom Photography.
Step 1 – what to wear (or what not to wear!).It can take a while, so dress comfortably.Clothing shouldn’t distract attention away from the subject.It’s about you – so wear something in keeping with your true personality. 
Clothing with busy and loud patterns, stripes, checks and florals should be kept in the cupboard.Clothing should be fairly classical and understated.Being comfortable is a priority.Tight-fitting clothing can also change the shape of the body. 
Necklines should ideally be V-necks or crewnecks as these show off the face best.Exposed skin can distract attention, so it’s best to wear a long-sleeved shirt.A collared shirt is a good frame for a face.
The darker colours are preferable to light ones which can make people look washed out.The bright colours such as yellow, orange and red can reflect onto the subject’s face and can be overpowering.Choose natural fabrics such as cotton and linen over shiny ones such as satin, which can reflect light back.
When the portrait photography shoot involves a group of people, it’s an idea to get everyone to wear colours and styles that complement each other.That’s not to say that outfits have to be identical, but you should be looking to create a feeling of cohesiveness and unity so that the faces – not the clothes – attract attention.
Why not bring a change of clothes with you – you may change your mind?It’s also a good idea to bring accessories such as hats, a favourite leather jacket, sunglasses etc. for a change of scenery.And bring along a bag of essential items, like lip balm, lipstick, foundation, and blemish cover just in case!
And when it comes to hair – it’s always wise to cater for every eventuality so bring along all your hair accessories – clips, brushes, combs and a light hairspray to keep things orderly.And just in case of disaster, avoid going to the hairdresser for a cut or colour the day before your shoot, as the outcome isn’t always predictable.  Rather schedule a session when you’re feeling good about yourself.
And finally, always consult the photography studio before the shoot to get their advice.They’ll give you some pointers as to what you should do, but it’s very individual.  Just as there are some ‘rules’ – the rules are there to be broken.Perth photography experts, Freedom Photography passionately feel that it’s all about expressing individuality.The results are incredible when there’s a relationship of trust between the photographer and the subject and when the boundaries of convention are pushed (check out the bare torsos, close-ups, candid children’s portraits etc on Freedom Photography’s online gallery).