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Unless you’re a lover of crowded car parks, long queues and weightlifting with heavy bags – then surely you’re keen for an alternative to tedious grocery shopping ?.  

Hours of combat on the supermarket battlefields may be entertainment for a few people, but millions of others would prefer a more peaceful alternative.  Ditching the supermarket cart for an e-shopping cart is becoming more and more popular with 13 million people in the US going online to do their grocery shopping in just one month

More and more people are going online to do their grocery shopping.  They’re even clicking their computers to get their fruit and veg delivery online as more and more quality fresh produce suppliers move into the virtual supply world.

Busy mums, people with limited access to transport or those with physical disabilities, contract workers with after-hours shifts… online shopping appeals to a huge cross-section of people for a myriad reasons.  Why not do this simple little exercise to see if cybershopping for groceries is the right route for you?.

Make sure you take your grocery list with you when you go to the supermarket.  When you get home, reconcile the receipt from the store to your list.  Yes, that does mean seeing how many extra items managed to sneak into your shopping cart!   Do this a couple of times and you’ll soon see if you’re guilty of adding extras regularly or not. 

Over 85% of all shoppers buy items on impulse at the grocery store, and nearly 30% of every shopping cart is unplanned.  With online shopping for groceries, much of the temptation is eliminated, so you should save money on your overall bills . 

Cybershopping also makes entertaining a breeze – let the online grocery shop or fruit and vegetable delivery store do the heavy work for you while you concentrate on the finer details. 

And you’re not limited to doing your online shopping at the big retailers – many small specialist suppliers also have an online shopping portal, so check out your local fruit, veg or milk delivery store to see what they have to offer.  You should always use a reputable supplier, particularly when it comes to fresh fruit, Perth supplier Mr Fresh says, because no-one wants to receive a box of mouldy oranges or limp lettuces – plus it’s important that the supplier sticks to accurate delivery times.  It’s also important to do some forward planning, because online shopping is convenient, but it doesn’t happen instantly. 

Many people also find that online grocery shopping actually means a healthier lifestyle.  It’s just so much easier to scroll past the sugary treats and fattening foods whilst shopping online, plus they can order their fresh fruit and veg delivery online so that healthy options are on their doorstep (literally), whether they’re in Marmion or Menora, Shenton Park or Stirling.

Online groceries is a real alternative to supermarket combat.  Whilst it does take a little time and effort to set up the systems initially – you’ll soon see and feel the benefits of online grocery shopping and will be only too happy to ditch the supermarket cart for your e-cart!