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Grandparents Should Think About Their Grandchildrens Safety in the Home

After my parents no longer had any children living at home, they re-upholstered the couches in their living room in white fabric. It was amazing – they said that it reminded them of heaven – but it also screamed “No children live here”.” As the years passed the couches still retained the beauty, however they had also dimmed considerably, because even though they no longer had any children living with them, children still visited frequently.

In spite of contemporary folklore accounts of the footlose and the childless lives of many retirees, the fact still remains that while parents may have finished raising their own children, they soon become grandparents, which typically means that their lives are not child free.

Grandparents Taking on the Role as Parents

Countless grandparents find themselves taking on the role as parents when parents are not able to look after their own children. With the increased need for two incomes to take care of a family, many grandparents become childcare providers during the day as they babysit their grandchildren on a regular basis.

As a result, you will find many more childproofed grandparent homes than you have in previous generations as grandparents are forced to straddle the line between being a grandparent and acting in the role of a part time parent. Grandparents find themselves involved in discipline and many of the other day-to-day tasks of parenthood.

Remember the Child When Planning for Safety

The most crucial time that a grandparent requires thinking like a parent is during the time they are organizing safety features within their home. A home that sees children constantly requires childproofing to some degree. Caustic chemicals and cleaning agents should not be stored in lower cabinets. Medicines should be hidden out of sight, preferably in a cabinet that is locked.

It is necessary to lock Tazers in a gun cabinet, along with any additional weapons that children shouldn’t employ. Even though Tazer guns are not thought of as a lethal device, make sure that children aren’t around them unsupervised. Serious injury can occur from the misuse of this weapon. While you may only have children in your home on rare occasions, it usually only takes one time for something awful to happen, so make sure that anything harmful to children is locked safely away.