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Preparing for a great live performance

If you want to give your best singing performance, you need to know how to behave, so here are a few tips to help you out.


Make sure you practice with the band. Before you go on stage, have a minimum of one dress rehearsal. For the last rehearsal and dress rehearsal you should sing the music from memory.

Outfit Selection

The outfit you choose to wear for the live performance can make or break the show. When you choose an outfit, make sure that you wear it during rehearsals so that you get used to it. Make sure that you can move and breathe in the outfit you have chosen to wear.

Walking out onto the stage

After you know where to stand it’s a good idea to practice walking into place. Knowing how to walk across a stage and land in place isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you walk across the stage, you want to stop in place, but at the same time you need to have good posture when you do so. Walk to the spot and keep your posture.

Turn the speaker away from you

The experience of singing with a band will be a lot of things, but initially it will be confusing. The speakers will probably be turned away, in which case you will have trouble hearing yourself. Ask if they can turn the speaker toward you. Remember that bands often play pretty loud, and turning the speaker towards yourself can be distracting if you have a huge wall of sound coming at you. If there is an instrument that plays the melody line, make sure you learn to pick it out.

Smile to your audience

When you go on stage, smile at the audience. Even if you are nervous, a smile, will make you appear more confident. Make sure your smile doesn’t look fake as you cross the stage.

Acknowledgment of the audience

When you are singing, you might not know when it’s time to pay attention to the audience. Singers won’t always sing in a small place. The best thing you can do is watch the professionals and see how they do it.

Don’t let distractions put you off

A concert can yield many different distractions for a performer. People can do many things in an audience, such as coughing or even leaving early. People in the audience often don’t consider how this distracts the performer. When you practice at home you might want to intentionally stage some distractions. If you have any friends, you can have them try distracting you, and over time you will learn to ignore it.

Watch those hands

The best place for your hands during a performance would be at your sides. It may not be the most interesting place for them but you’re probably better off erring on the side of calm and still. If you gesture, then make a complete gesture, because anything incomplete or half done will make you look nervous. Clasping your hands in front of you is another option for your hands.

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