New York Floats Bill to Allow Stablecoin Payments for Bail Bonds

The stringent measures that appear to have been established against crypto in New York, the acceptance of stablecoins for bail bonds is a win. The city of New York is currently planning to add stablecoin payments as a form of bail. According to a May 10 bill, the city is proposing legislation that will allow … Read more

MyEListing Real Estate Platform Integrates with Coinbase to Accept Bitcoin Payments

The use of cryptocurrency in real estate purchases has become increasingly popular. United States commercial real estate marketplace MyEListing has integrated with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments. The platform will allow users to purchase US real estate properties with both Bitcoin and fiat. It launched on April 20 with Texas properties listed and is set … Read more

New EU Money Laundering Law Will Not Ban Crypto Payments

As far as the EU is concerned, it is gradually advancing in its crackdowns on the crypto industry through functional regulation. The European Union (EU) is set to vote on a new set of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws that may impose some significant restrictions on transactions involving the crypto market. According to recent clarifications given … Read more

Payments Service Klarna Adopts ChatGPT Technology

Klarna will leverage the best technology and data to help people discover new products. Payments and shopping service Klarna may be the latest company to partner with OpenAI to use ChatGPT. According to a recent announcement by the firm, the ChatGPT Plugin has now been integrated and will serve as a personal shopping assistant to Klarna … Read more

PLBY Group Loses $4.9M after Receiving Ethereum Payments for Its ‘Rabbitars’ NFT

Negative swings in the market price of Ethereum may have had a material impact on the company’s earnings and carrying value. PLBY Group (NASDAQ: PLBY) has announced that it lost about $4.9 million in the value of the Ethereum (ETH) assets it held last year. The parent company of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy confirms that the … Read more