MediaTek & Nvidia Partner to Enhance User In-Cabin AI Experience in Affordable & Luxurious Automobiles

Leading chipmakers MediaTek and Nvidia recently combined resources to “offer a truly unique” in-cabin AI experience in automobiles.  Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc has partnered with US chip-manufacturing giant NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) to bring enhanced AI tech to automobiles. The partnership seeks to revamp in-car experiences with software-defined, smart cabin solutions using Nvidia’s GPU chiplets. The joint artificial and accelerated computing … Read more

NFT Inspect Announces New Community Council Members & Collaborative Partner for Ongoing Project Activity

Leading Web3 project NFT Inspect recently undertook some shakeups amid activity geared toward increased adoption of decentralized technology. NFT Inspect has made key announcements regarding its ongoing project activity, including onboarding new team members and a strategic investment infusion. The one-stop-shop Web3 support app has been active lately alongside its Community Council members to enhance the … Read more

Franklin Selects Polygon as New Partner of Its Money Fund

The Franklin On-chain US government Money fund leverages the power of blockchain to offer improved security, operational efficiencies, faster transaction processing, and reduced costs to its customers. One of the world’s largest fund managers Franklin Templeton, with over $1.4 trillion in assets under management, announced that it would be expanding its on-chain US government money … Read more

Cosmose AI and NEAR Foundation Partner to Improve Retail Shopping

Through the partnership with NEAR Foundation, Cosmose AI will expand its individualized experiences to its worldwide clientele through several channels. Cosmose AI, a leading AI and retail company, is partnering with NEAR Foundation to bring Web3 personalization to retail shopping. While the strategic investment by the NEAR Foundation was not disclosed, it raised the valuation … Read more

Aumenta Solutions, MSI, Jelurida Partner for Blockchain-Based Port Infrastructure Maintenance Platform

Aumenta Solutions and MSI’s port infrastructure maintenance project is based on the Ardor blockchain and makes use of augmented reality technology. The TECNIO Centre EASY research group’s Aumenta Solutions, an augmented reality solution provider for industry, engineering and architecture professionals, has partnered with shipping company MSI and blockchain development and maintenance firm Jelurida to transform … Read more