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Choose a Painting Company Based on These Tips

The summer season is a fantastic time to redecorate the house, and a new paint job is just the way to do it whether you are just doing maintenance or going for a huge change. Many individuals choose to hire a painting contractor in Chesterfield, MO rather than do the work themselves, and if you are in the market for a great painter (or group of them), here are some things to look for. 

They Ask the Proper Questions

First off, your company should talk to you. Painters committed to doing a great job need certain information. The company should ask you about your goals for the project, how long it has been since your property was painted, what colors you used at that time, and if you have any preferences when it comes to paint brands. 

They Take the Time to Prep

Proper surface preparation is what separates a mediocre company from a good one and a good one from a great one. In order to allow paint to stick, dry evenly, and last a long time, surfaces must be properly prepared. This means:

• Getting external surfaces power-washed 

• Getting rid of any existing mildew

• Scraping off any old paint that is flaking, bubbling, or otherwise coming off the surface

• Sanding everything so it’s smooth 

They Apply Enough Paint (and Let it Dry)

A single coat of paint is probably good enough for interior surfaces, but all exterior jobs need a minimum of two coats. This helps protect the paint from sun-bleaching or fading, prolonging your paint-job’s life. It is very important that the first coat is dried completely before the second coat goes on.

They Clean up After Themselves 

There is absolutely nothing more annoying than paying somebody to do something, and they leave a mess behind. Expert painters are professionals in every aspect, they won’t track dirt, debris, or worse, paint through your home. Their supplies will be removed, and you may even get your house back in better shape than when you left it to them. Extra paint is the only thing left behind, so you can do touch-ups if necessary. 

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