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Here’s How You Can Deal With Bleeding Internal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are normal vascular elements in the anal canal. They are there for the control of the sphincter muscles. Hemorrhoids make up a person’s vascular system around the anal region.

There are times when hemorrhoids are inflamed and bleed. For example, in people under extreme stress, bowel movement may be irregular. Because hemorrhoids act as regulators of bowel movement, they may be strained when the person is constipated. Bleeding of the hemorrhoids is common, but to some people this can cause distress.

Hemorrhoids may be inside or outside the rectum. External hemorrhoid problems are less difficult to deal with because one can apply salve over the inflamed area. However bleeding internal hemorrhoids are definitely more problematic to deal with. Treatment becomes necessary when the hemorrhoids are bleeding and painful. What may be causing the bleeding is the diet of the person or the activities that the person goes through daily.

Is surgery the only option? Hemorrhoidectomy or the removal of hemorrhoids can be an option but only if the symptoms are too severe. Larger hemorrhoids that cause problems in normal bowel movement are removed. People with hemorrhoids may also not be able to handle the itching that comes with inflammation. But there are some procedures that can be done prior to surgery. If internal hemorrhoids are small, there may be no need to go for surgery.

Home Remedies and Laser Treatment

Some of the preventive measures for bleeding hemorrhoids include improved diet. Eating fiber-rich food can soften the stool. Fluids must always be a part of a person’s diet to maintain hydration. Laser treatment is a modern way to cope with hemorrhoidal pain.

A person who is suffering from hemorrhoid pains can soak in hot water for a few minutes. A person suffering from bleeding hemorrhoids may soak in warm water for a few minutes several times daily. Warm water can be better than any ointment for cleaning and relieving pain. Warm water soaking may also stem the bleeding.

If the person is in poor health, the recovery of the internal inflammation may be slower. Bowel movement must be done daily. Never put off going to the comfort room when the urge is there. If a person is already afflicted with this disorder, he should take care never to become constipated.

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