Formula One Ticket Provider Platinum Group Unveils NFT Tickets for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix

The NFT tickets will be minted via the Ethereum scaling layer two blockchain Polygon (MATIC). The sixth race of the 22-round season for the Formula One (F1) Grand Prix held in Monaco over the weekend has attracted the attention of crypto enthusiasts. Furthermore, as a country within the European market, which recently passed the Markets … Read more

Nike NFT Sale Surmounts Technical Issues to Hit $1 Million in Revenue

Although the first round was originally proposed to last for only two days, technical glitches and delays caused it to drag through nine days. Technical issues and unprecedented delays could not deter Nike NFT, OF1 collection, from setting mind-blowing records with its highly-anticipated sale. This follows after the NFT sale, which began just over a … Read more

China’s Top Prosecution Agency Warns NFT Users of Possible Economic Exploitation via Price Manipulation

Coinspeaker China’s Top Prosecution Agency Warns NFT Users of Possible Economic Exploitation via Price Manipulation The Chinese government has pushed the country to digital economy adoption post-Covid-19 global pandemic. The country has significantly rolled out the digital yuan in anticipation to widen the adoption of its currency as a global reserve. The digital Yuan is … Read more

World’s First Web3 TV Show for NFT Entrepreneurs

The emergence of crypto TV shows can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing popularity of crypto, the growth of DeFi, and the interest of investors in the potential of blockchain technology. Popular crypto analytics service provider CoinMarketCap in partnership with HELLO Labs has launched the world’s first Web3 TV show dubbed Killer Whales. … Read more

Ubisoft Partners with Integral Reality Labs to Launch Assassin’s Creed NFT Collection

Ubisoft claims that its Assassin’s Creed video game series has sold no less than 200 million copies worldwide. Despite being one of the most prominent game publishers in the Web 3.0 space as it is, Ubisoft has made yet another move. The company behind popular games such as Just Dance and Far Cry is taking … Read more