Baidu Stock Jumps 2% after Better-than-Expected Revenue News

Baidu is setting the pace in the AI scene for other tech giants in China. Chinese internet giant Baidu Inc (HKG: 9888) has seen a major uptick in its share price today following the release of better-than-expected revenue. Baidu impressed its investors as one of the top tech giants that saw a major uptick in … Read more

ChatGPT Can Predict Stock Moves from News Headlines and Decode Fed Speak

The researchers also stated that ChatGPT could beat the commonly used models from Google, dubbed BERT along with the classifications based on dictionaries. OpenAI’s popular chatbot system ChatGPT hasn’t failed to surprise people across the world, and once again, it’s out to show its AI prowess. Earlier this month, two new papers have been published … Read more

Bitcoin Rallies Following News on US Inflation Data for February

Bitcoin hit an upswing ahead of the Fed’s inflation-focused meeting on March 22nd to decide rate hikes.  The price of Bitcoin (BTC) climbed sharply on news that US inflation had met Dow Jones and Nomura estimates. In February, US inflation rose 0.4% month-on-month and 6% year-on-year as the Federal Reserve readies its next rate hike … Read more

All Markets Will Crash on Valentine’s Day Fueled by High Impact News

After a decent rally in almost all markets, since the calendar flipped in January, a possible reversal is likely to take place across the board. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has cautioned investors that an imminent crash will push markets lower during this year’s Valentine’s Day. Citing Stansberry Research, Kiyosaki noted … Read more