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Hadleigh, Home to Great Beauty, Historic Sights and the 2012 Olympic Mountain Biking Event

With Summer finally rearing its reluctant head, it’s time to discover the wilderness and go on just a little trip. If you are positioned in Essex, or the surrounding counties, it’s certainly worth exploring the stunning hilltops of Hadleigh. For those of you who have never investigated the historical sights of Hadleigh – you are undoubtedly losing out. Hadleigh is rich in history and culture awaiting discover, or at least awaiting your admiration. Whether you’d rather flit from shop to shop or walk amidst nature in Hadleigh Country Park, it’s your choice. To discover more about news in Hadleigh, read on.

Hadleigh has such a vast amount of history, including the historic Castle which sits up high looking down on the cascading hills, where Hadleigh Country Park surrounds it. John Constable painted an atmospheric picture of Hadleigh Castle in 1829, which can still be seen today at London’s Tate Britain. If you want nothing more than breath-taking views, you can be sure to gain precisely that in this stunning town – known as a farmer’s town back in the day – of Hadleigh.

For families with young children and pets, Hadleigh Country Park presents the perfect place for both little people and animals to play in harmony. The elongated stretches of grass and land ensure that you can run and chase each other till your heart’s content. Such vast amounts of land to explore are now a rarity with so many built-up towns and cities full of residential and commercial buildings.

You can certainly make a day of it in Hadleigh – more details about Hadleigh – so there is no need to worry that you may have had a wasted journey, as there’s just so much to do and see. Whether you choose to visit Hadleigh to explore the shops, attend the Farmer’s market (held on the second Wednesday of every month) or take in the beautiful views from the Country Park, you are sure to be impressed. What’s more, Hadleigh Country Park is hosting the 2012 Mounting Biking Event, meaning you can catch a glimpse of history in the making, as the events are soon to be held, this August.

A great day out for all the family in Hadleigh is a must, so why not head down to the Country Park with a picnic, play games, sunbathe, visit the rare breeds farm, pop into the Salvation Army cafe for some grub and then finish the day with a few photo opportunities at Hadleigh Castle – You could not have a better day! If you would like to learn more about the establishments in Hadleigh, such as hair and beauty in Hadleigh Essex, in addition to the fabulous eateries, the convenient supermarkets – including the new Morrisons super store – and the fashion boutiques, then click here for more information. This also applies if you wish to discover more information regarding Hadleigh’s current re-modernisation.