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Enjoy A Happy Healthy Pregnancy, Without Dry Skin

Who ever thought that dry skin would be an issue during pregnancy? Honestly, anyone who has been pregnant before. Many women are surprised at how itchy their skin becomes during pregnancy. When you think about it, it makes sense. As your abdomen stretches and enlarges, it becomes tight and itchy. Dry skin care during pregnancy does not have to make you miserable. Many women swear by cocoa butter to ease this situation. Many also claim that it reduces stretch marks as well. There are many great skin creams that may be used as long as strong scents and chemicals are avoided.

Once the new baby arrives, you may notice that he or she also has ‘dry skin’. With newborns this is common. It is in fact their body’s way of adjusting to life in a new climate and environment. Be gentle when washing the baby. After removing the child from the baby bath, you may apply a small amount of baby lotion. Again, try to avoid scented lotions, in order to avoid a possible allergic reaction or rash.

Breast feeding mothers are all too familiar with uncomfortable, dry, sore, itchy nipples. This is the result of nursing and expressing breast milk. You want to give your baby the best, and yet, at times the discomfort can seem unbearable. The first thing you want to do, is to get yourself a double electric breast pump. This will save time, and keep the breast more comfortable. The time spent in expressing breast milk will literally be cut in half. Use nursing pads. This will keep any leakage from sitting against the skin, and creating more dryness. Look in the local pharmacy for creams that are made especially for the comfort of nursing mothers.

Skin which becomes especially irritated should be seen by a doctor. This will make certain that more serious cases such as eczema and psoriasis can be treated before they get out of control. This will without a doubt ensure a more comfortable pregnancy.

Before, during, and after your pregnancy, be sure to take the best care of yourself that is possible. For at least one year prior to planning to become pregnant, it is best to quit smoking, if you do, and quit drinking, if you do. This is also the best time to get into the best physical shape that you can. Eat healthy foods, and get proper exercise. This will assure the best possibility of a healthy, happy pregnancy, and baby.

Do not suffer with any discomfort that can be avoided, while pregnant. There is usually an easy solution. Be sure to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Take good care of yourself, and enjoy a healthy pregnancy, and a beautiful newborn.