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The Nursery – Your Baby’s New Home

during the final two trimesters, the months crawl bay as you watch your body grow to allow for the life blossoming within. You scramble to find maternity clothes that fit you, and you think you have plenty of time to set up for the new baby. By the final trimester, your belly has grown larger than ever, and you anxiously await the arrival of your new baby into the the world. The weeks start moving by more quickly and suddenly, you’ll realize you have less time than you thought to plan for the new arrival. This is the period during which moms and dads-to-be start hurriedly planning their baby’s nursery.

Unless you’ve made a list beforehand, figuring out what to buy can seem overwhelming. Some items, such as a crib, mattress and bedding are a given. Others, such as a changing table, nightlight, and room thermometer, are less so and can be easily neglected. In this article, we’ll categorize the items you should consider for your infant’s nursery into three groups. We’ll cover the things you’ll need, items that will make your life easier, and things you’ll wish your budget could handle.

Items You Definitely Need

Let’s start with the obvious items. As noted earlier, you’ll need to purchase a crib, mattress, and bedding supplies. The crib should be new with small slats to ensure your little one’s safety. Make sure the mattress fits the crib snugly; there should be very little space (i.e. no more than the width of two fingers) between the mattress and the sides of the crib. For bedding, buy two sets of sheets and a pad to place between them. That way, if your baby wets through the top sheet, the second sheet will remain clean.

You should also obtain a baby monitor. Ideally, it should have two receivers; one can remain in your bedroom and the other can be transported to any room you and your partner are in.

Non-Essentials That Will Make Your Life Easier

You can definitely get by without buying some of the following items. However, all of them will come in handy over and over. For example, consider buying a changing table on which you can change your little one’s diapers and clothes. While it might put a small dent in a tight budget, it can also minimize the pressure placed on your back while changing on lower surfaces.

Also, consider investing in a disposal system for dirty diapers. These systems permit you to dispose of your infant’s diapers in a container that prevents unpleasant oders from leaking out. As a result, you’ll only need to empty the container once every several days.

Purchase a few storage baskets for wipes, burp clothes, toys, and other odds and ends. They may seem unimportant, but you’ll find them valuable after your baby arrives.

Indulgences For The Flexible Budget

Once you have obtained all of the essential along with a few niceties, you’ll want to give some consideration the indulgences. Don’t neglect these products. Even if your budget is slim, make notes about the items you need and want so you can include them on your gift registries.

Consider buying a closet organizer, baby swing, and even a stereo. Each can arguably be called a “luxury,” but will provide plenty of value during the first several months of your baby’s life. Closet organizers are designed to help you make the most out of the small space you have for storing diapers, clothes, shoes and other assorted baby items. A battery-powered baby swing might prove instrumental toward calming your baby and helping him fall asleep when he’s fussy. A stereo system can have the same effect.

Avoid waiting until the last moment to plan your little one’s nursery. Start compiling a list of the items you need and desire. Not only will that give you a head start on putting everything together, but it will also provide an opportunity to add some items to your gift registry.