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N Model Railroad Layout

Tiny miniatures are the most fascinating things, huh?  Well, I can’t say I blame you.  There is nothing so cool as little tiny trains.  These miniature beauties really can make for a captivating model training experience.  Another wonderful thing about these tiny trains is that they are so miniscule you can for all intents and purposes fit them anywhere.  Let’s think a little bit about how we could use them in different spaces:

The smallest N scale dimensions:

This is the least demanding layout that we can use for these little guys. See that little table over there where you have that plant, that’s enough space for it. All you can get from this miniscule space though is a fairly basic loop the loop.  We could maybe do a figure 8 or have two concentric circles, but that’s about it.

Pre-fab n scale scenic highlights:

N-scale is so small it is hard to work with. Craftwork is definitely out for these little guys but don’t worry, several companies offer lines of pre-fab accessories.  A good way of adding interest to your n-model railroad layout is to hand over your hard earned money for some of these and add them to your layout.  Atlas is perhaps one of the best makers for accessories in n-scale.

3’ x 3’ N Model with lake and bridge crossing:

If you can get just a little bit of extra space then you can make things a lot more complex. It doesn’t seem like much but it makes a humungous difference.  You will need a dedicated train table to do this, but if you place a lake at the center of your track you can have the trains circling it and bridging its tributary at the edges.  This makes for a really captivating scene in a really uncompromising space.  I wouldn’t recommend trying it in a space any smaller than this however. I’ve never seen this work in a smaller space.

Every trip starts with a first step and every model train layout with a simple loop:

An ideal way of constructing your track is to increase it piece by piece.  So you might begin with a layout similar to our 3’ x 3’ design and then when you are ready add another 3’ layout to it. You might extend a mountain range down the length of table so that your train snakes along next to it and then crosses through a tunnel at its middle.  This is also a great way of adding variations to your landscape as you go.  Little ranchos or perhaps a chapel by the side of a tributary can really make for a varied and captivating scenic experience.

N scale gives you the most possibilities for the least amount of space.  Just try to think outside of the box and make your track plan both fit your space and to realize your imagination.  If you find a particular landscape fascinating, construct it.  Others are likely to find it wonderful as well.

Here is more information on N Scale Model Trains. Here is a website with a free mini-course dedicated to Model Trains.