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The Best Joint Pain Relief Is Natural

One of the problems of getting older is that, after all those years of walking, running, jumping and so on, the body starts to complain and so chronic pain may start to set in. The pain is due to a degeneration of the joints over time, otherwise put down to normal wear and tear of the joints, or more specifically the cartilage inside of these joints. It can appear in younger people too, most usually those who are more sporty, putting a heavy demand on the joints, such as tennis players, footballers, dancers and joggers. In fact, along with the rise in the popularity of jogging, there has also been a rise in the number of people suffering from joint related problems.

Most people typically begin treating their symptoms with regular painkilling drugs but over the long term this could cause complications. As an alternative to the usage of over the counter NSAID’s and steroids, which can bring with them all kinds of not so nice side effects, such as nausea and ulcers, the treatments mentioned below can give joint pain natural relief in a gentle and non-invasive way and can be guaranteed to come without any serious side effects.

1. Exercise plays a great role in reducing a number of types of pains. Swimming is a good choice, as the water can help to relieve the joints of their weight bearing job for a while. The water helps to reduce the weight pressure on the joints which helps to ease them a little and at the same time the exercise strengthens the ligaments and muscles. It is one of the favorite natural arthritis remedies.

2.  Bathing with Epsom salts, otherwise known as magnesium sulfate is a very relaxing way to heal and get relief for joint pain. This salt has anti-inflammatory components which are  absorbed by the skin as you bathe. Do this in a long soak for just 20-40 minutes for best results.

3.  Massaging with camphor oil, menthol and eucalyptus oil, especially on the affected areas alleviates the pain felt and is very soothing.

4. The chance of having arthritis is less for those who are fond of drinking green tea on a daily basis. There is a special part in the composition of green tea that protects the cartilage from wearing out. If you drink this tea from young adulthood, it can help prevent the damage from occurring later.

5.  Of major importance in helping to prevent many diseases, besides arthritis, is making sure to establish a healthy diet which is free of inflammation producing foods, such as fatty meats. These protein-rich foods can be substituted with vegetables and fish. Some of these foods can help to reduce inflammation and to lubricate the joints.

6.  Lessening alcohol consumption can definitely help you get rid of joint pains and thus achieve the joint relief you may only have dreamed of until now.

So next time you are tempted to rach for the pills, think about these natural alternatives and maybe give it a go. Your body will appreciate it.