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Homemade Mosquito Trap

The items you need need make your own homemade mosquito trap are a utility knife, 1 ½ cups of brown sugar, yeast, water and a old/empty 2 litre soda bottle. You will most likely have all these items around your house already so this trap shouldn’t cost you anything to make.

You first need to make sure that your soda bottle is clean from any left over sugars as this leaves a scent the mosquitos can pick up on, you can use a standard household detergent to do this. Take your utility knife and cut the soda bottle into 2 section just before the bottle begins to taper at the neck.

Next we can begin preparing the sticky solution that will attract mosquitoes into our trap. Begin by heating four cups of water in a saucepan adding the sugar as you stir. Bring the mixture up to a simmer then allow to reduce for 20 minutes. Once reduced remove from the stove and allow to cool right down.

Once your sugar mixture has cooled tip a small portion into your soda bottle then add a spinkle of yeast. Next you can place the top of the bottle inverted inside the bottom half of the bottle to form a funnel, this makes it easy for mosquitoes to get in but hard for them to escape. Your trap is now ready to be set in place.

This trap will last around two weeks before the mixture goes off. The way this trap works is by producing carbon dioxide when sugar and yeat are combined, this CO2 is what is exhaled by humans and the thing that attracts mosquitos too us.

You can use these traps both inside and out, they are a completely natural way to catch mosquitoes and safe to use around even small chilldren. For best results you should make yourself a few traps at once. Traps should not be left to sit in areas that recieve sunlight for extended periods of the day or in areas where children or animals could knock them over.

A mosquito trap is a good way to keep mosquitoes away you could also try a making you own homemade mosquito repellent as well.