Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 to Incorporate Play-to-Earn Model Featuring Crypto

Recent leaks suggest that the upcoming GTA 6 video game could adopt play-to-earn gaming mechanics that see gamers earn crypto in real life.  According to reports, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 could adopt a play-to-earn gaming and business model. Yesterday, a tweet hinted at this development, as the successful gaming franchise is rumored to release the … Read more

ChatGPT Creator OpenAI to Launch New Open-Source AI Model This Week

Along with announcing a new open-source model, OpenAI has shared new features that ChatGPT Plus users will be able to try as soon as this week. OpenAI Inc, an artificial intelligence (AI) research and deployment company that created the AI chatbot ChatGPT, is reportedly preparing to release a new open-source language model. According to those familiar with the matter, … Read more

Tesla Hikes Price for Model S and X Cars in China by $2,747

Following months of repeated price cuts, Tesla has raised the price of some of its EV offerings in China to remain competitive.  Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has hiked the price of its new Model S and Model X electric vehicles in China by 19,000 yuan ($2,751). On Friday, the company’s website reflected the product price increase, which … Read more

Google Launches API for AI language Model PaLM Challenging ChatGPT-3

Google’s API for PaLM will help businesses “generate text, images, code, videos, audio, and more from simple natural language prompts”. Catching up on OpenAI’s accelerating development on ChatGPT, Google has now started offering developers access to one of its most advanced AI-based language models, PaLM. Along with other API enterprise tools, Google is launching an … Read more