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Tips On Choosing Preventive Products For Mice And Rats

There are lots of ways you can do at home to get rid of mice. There are some products that are quite harmful when used and can harm your family. You can always try the safe ones of preventing and eliminating mice. Read on to find out how to do it.

Since houses have lots of food materials they are instant attractions for mice. So what you must do is to keep your home free of food crumbs. Utilize tight-lid containers so that your food is stored in a place where mice cannot get to them. Food dishes, kitchen sink and dining table must be carefully cleaned.

You can also use dryer sheets since they are very effective in deterring mice. Some dryer sheets are very fragrant and can add a fresh smelling smell to your house. This can be placed in cracks, crevices and other openings. Dryer sheets are way healthier to use than mothballs and other bait products.

Electric rat traps can also be a good choice to use to get rid of mice without harming your pets. You can see the effectiveness of electric traps since they electrocute rats to death. Electric rat traps should be placed in areas where you sight some rats and mice going to and fro.

There are also natural rat poisons. You must get a pack of this natural poison that is labeled with vitamin D3. Just a small amount will cause heart failure in rats and kill them. This vitamin D3is actually poisonous to rats only. Since it only affects rats then you do not need to worry about harming your pets.

Those are the safe and effective ways you must do to prevent mice. Mice and rats are very hazardous to our health so we need to protect our family from them. Make sure to buy the safest products that are available for your use.

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